Aleroth Sarenford

aka Aleroth B.D.M.M. Sarenford

  • I live in Iraq
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is A Private Contractor
  • I am A Male

About me

iam a private contractor who left from britain to iraq because of a difficult love loss curently i live in my parents mansion in iraq my father is also a private contractor buissnes is well here every thing is simpler and iraq is not the same country it was 5 years ago but itis not like iam encouraging tourisim but still. if any one wants to talk there is always that page open and ready iam a great listener...i mean reader if anyone is in need of bonding talks iam just a few clicks away.

proffesion and traits

i studied(if you call private toutring and never visiting an academic related building studying then...well) philosophy and and litreature(so why in oblivion ami a private contractor?) i was mentored by wise men both european and arabian. also was mentored in physichs chemistry and biology. and as for traits well iam a literary person also a man of science and a man of philosophical ideas(the strangest combonation to date.) leaveing england was not my idea but i was encouraged after the horrible incident that i mentioned earlier and iraq is...ahm... my advice donot even think about coming here (what was i thinking coming here i should have went to egypt if i wanted to leave) i also write stories poetry and iam a painter.


the most intresting member of my family would be Gawain(yes that is his name not what his highschool freinds used to call him) his father maxwell sarenford(yes my uncle) is a historian who is vexed with the "knights of the round table". as my cousin i always had to accept his wild Demands hosting wild parties in my parents estate i bet he is doing that right now (why did my parent's give me the estate?). well the rest of my family is normal nothing extraordionary but maybe my arabian grandfather Dumat(yes my grandfather and no not the archdemon) is with all of his crazy traditions(like that one where you should give more than $2000 to the needy after every coffer filling exploit). so that is the quick version if anyone wishes to inquire about more things feel free iam always open for freindship talks(or whatever messages that you like as long as they are not like the messages sam used to send me).well that is the lot then.


  • Futonrevoltion:"Why do you keep doing things like that on purpose?."
  • Me:"like what?, merliny-piggy-acty-likey?."

  • D-day:"Like getting notes on toilet paper. Or long writings on Post-It, where you had to find out where to start reading.(I used to do that)."
  • Me:"What?You used to write notes on toilet paper?."

  • "Clean jokes are for laughs, Dirty ones are for giggles."
  • "If at first you don't succed, don't do the same thing you didn't succeed at again."
  • "every part of your life is a chip on the board you have to know how to gamble before you know where to put it."

My contributions

  • Solving the "Tunselous Crisis"
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