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I am Kevin. 17 year old guy from the Philippines. I stumbled upon this gem of a game around March-ish of 2010 and became as addicted to it as lyrium-intoxicated Templars! I had just finished my first playthrough of DAO and have yet to start Awakening.

Of my first playthrough, I made a Male Human Rogue Assasin/Duelist Dual Dagger DPS. I didn't actually had enough skill points to invest anything in the Duelist tree but no harm done. I played through most of the game with Alistair, Wynne and Morrigan at my party but didn't forget to outfit my other team mates. Got rewarded at the end for that in the Defend Denerim's gates quest or something. Thank the Maker!

The one thing that I will always remember about this playthrough though was how I used a mod to ensnare Alistair romantically then getting romantically involved with Morrigan as well! No disapproval or break up scenes were done because when I was with Alistair, Morrigan saw me as a female. In the times I was kissing Morrigan though, Alistair saw me as male and thus no jealous bouts of lovers sprang up. This melded absurdly well with the story arc at the end, where Alistair tried to break up with me but I persuaded him not to. Then Morrigan and I did the dark ritual in a final act of love. In the coronation, I was of course referred to as just the "Chancellor" but still got the "Meet you upstairs later!" dialogue! It was a perfect fit!

Contemplating whether I should start another DAO playthough or plowing ahead to Awakening. I am more inclined towards the latter though I would really like to discover the other secrets Ferelden has. My cousin is also playing the game and we draw interesting parallels. I sided with the mages while he inovked the Rite of Annulment, thus Connor is dead in his arc. I elected Harrowmont while he rooted for Bhelen. He has yet to finish the game but it is superbly interesting how his story will turn out. He has not done a gender bender modiication and is only involved with Morrigan. Hmm.

And that's about it! :D

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