Aedan Amell

  • I live in Chicago, IL
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

About meEdit

Hi, everyone! I'm a student in Chicago, IL and I hope to become a linguist and writer. I also hope to travel the world. I started playing Dragon Age a few years ago. After all the hype that was Skyrim, I heard about Dragon Age and I fell in love with its characters.


My favorite character- Alistair- It surprised me how well-written his character was. He's loyal,humorous, heroic, but also naïve, and the player can change that. He also has so much potential for change, especially near the endgame. I also didn't know that I would enjoy romancing him as much as I loved romancing Morrigan.

My favorite party- Alistair, Leliana/Zevran, Wynne- I chose Alistair for dialogue and his usefulness as a tank, Leliana for lock picking, but later Zevran for lock picking and dialogue, and Wynne for her healing abilities.

My favorite armor set- Hirol's Defense armor set- I always enjoyed this just because of the light aesthetics it brought.

My favorite weapon- Starfang/Vigilance- I liked Starfang because of the power it had in Origins, but unfortunately, it couldn't come with me in Awakening. I liked Vigilance not only because of its power, but the future stories that it may have through the epilogue.

Favorite specialization- Templar, Reaver, Spirit Warrior, Spirit Healer, Arcance Warrior, Battlemage, Keeper, Shapeshifter, Shapeshifter, Ranger, Legionnaire Scout, Shadow, Bard- I like all of these specializations because of the lore implications, but also some of their visual effects and powers.

Favorite Origin- Human Noble/ Human Mage- I just like playing as humans in Dragon Age, but I also like the fact that the Human Mage is related to Hawke.

Major Plot Decisions

I generally make these decisions on all playthroughs (unless I go for an evil character).

Sleep with Dairren if female/ Sleep with Iona if male (if Human Noble)

Tell Irving of Jowan's plans (if Mage)

Did all Ostagar/ Korcari Wilds quests

Help and recruit dog if Mage

Made Lothering merchant lower prices

Freed Sten with permission from Revered Mother

Helped people in Lothering

Save the Mages

Saved Amalia from Kitty

Spared Zevran and let him join party

Killed Flemeth for Morrigan

Elect Bhelen as king

Destroy the Anvil

Get Schmooples for Leliana

Help Oghren get Felsi

Helped with all Dalish quests

Cure the werewolf curse

Found Aneirin for Wynne

Found Alistair's sister, but walked out on her

Harden Alistair

Kill Marjolaine

Keep Leliana unhardened

Preserve the Ashes of Andraste

Freed Jowan

Intimidated Lloyd to get the tavern

Paid Bella money to leave

Paid Kaitlyn and Bevin for their family sword

Saved the Blacksmith's daughter

Maximized Redcliffe morale and saved all soldiers

Save Connor with help from the Circle

Sided with the Mages' Collective

Sided with Raelnor

Found Sten's sword

Helped the Antivan Crows

Killed Taliesen

Garnered support from nobles, deceived Anora

Killed Sophia, spared Avernus and let him experiment as he pleased

Put Alistair on the throne (with Human Noble queen or Human Mage mistress if female)

Executed Loghain

Make Alistair do Dark Ritual of female/ Do Dark Ritual if male

Ask to be chancellor if Noble/ Ask for an autonomous Circle if Mage

Romance Alistair if female/ Romance Morrigan if male

Recruit all companions, gain maximum approval, give all plot gifts, maximize all attributes and talents(through exploits) and complete all quests

Recruit Anders and Oghren

Killed Rylock

Spoke to Oghren about Felsi and his child

Fully upgrade Vigil's Keep

Recruit Nathaniel

Took Nathaniel to see Delilah

Protected trade, farms, and city

Recruit Velanna

Encountered Velanna's clan and spoke to her about her exile (if I can get the encounter to trigger)

Recruit Sigrun

Bought back Sigrun's ring from Mischa for thirty sovereigns and spoke to her about her Calling

Get traders for the Vigil

Recruit Justice

Spoke to Aura about Kristoff

Killed the Queen of the Blackmarsh

Crafted all weapons and armor

Convinced peasants to leave

Protect the city

Did all quests

Kill the Architect

Get maximum approval from companions, maximize all attributes and talents(through exploits) and gave all plot gifts

Ventured through Amgarrak Thaig

Let Morrigan walk away

Dragon Age 2

Favorite Character- Anders- For all his faults, I can't hate him for doing what I wanted to for the entire game.

Favorite Party- Aveline, Anders, Varric- Aveline as a tank, Anders for healing abilities and dialogue, and Varric for lock picking, dialogue, and the fact that he has to be with Hawke to tell their story.

Favorite Armor Set- Champion Armor set, Warden's Regalia- The Champion Armor is just so cool with its bird theme and I liked the Warden Armor in DA2, so I'm glad we got some.

Favorite Weapon- Hawke's Key great sword- it looks cool, but it's also really powerful, especially since I used an exploit when upgrading it.

Favorite Specialization- Templar, Reaver, Spirit Healer, Force Mage, Shadow- For the same reasons as in Origins.

Favorite class- Warrior for combat and specializations, Bethany, but also the freedom to make decisions. Mage for spells and specializations, but also because of the support for mages.

Major plot decisions

Carver dies if warrior/ Bethany dies if mage

Let Aveline put Wesley out of his misery

Betrayed Athenril

Sided with Meeran

My contributionsEdit

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