About MeEdit

Until Dragon Age: Origins, my all-time favourite game was Baldur's Gate II. I love immersive, well-written fantasy role-playing games, and for me, Origins is pretty perfect. :)

My WardenEdit

Female City Elf Rogue. Assassin and Duelist specialisations.
Dual-wields daggers coated in Deathroot Extract. Wears Light Armor.

Played on Nightmare difficulty:
No failed Stealing attempts (stealing only done from enemies during battle);
No friendly-fire damage by player character or any party member;
No injuries to player character or any party member;
No blue-circled NPCs fell in battle.
  • Refused Vaughan's bribe. Took the blame for the deaths in his estate upon herself to protect Soris and the Alienage when the guards arrived.
  • Dog, Leliana, and Sten joined the party.
  • Killed Kitty and saved Amalia. Shale joined the party.
  • Saved First Enchanter Irving and the Circle of Magi. Wynne joined the party.
  • Spared Zevran, who joined the party.
  • Convinced Zathrian to lift the curse on the Werewolves at the cost of his life, leaving Lanaya as Keeper.
  • Left the Alchemical Concoction undrunk in Warden's Keep. Executed Avernus for his actions and killed the demon that possessed Sophia Dryden.
  • Returned to Ostagar with Alistair, Wynne and Dog, and saw Cailan to his rest.
  • Killed Marjolaine to end her threat to Leliana.
  • Saved Redcliffe from the undead with no lives lost in the attack.
  • With the help of the Circle of Magi, sent Jowan into the Fade to destroy the demon possessing Connor.
  • Found Aneirin for Wynne.
  • Visited Goldanna. Did not harden Alistair.
  • Found Sten's sword and returned it to him.
  • Did not harden Leliana.
  • Helped Dagna join the Circle of Magi.
  • Sided with Caridin against Branka and destroyed the Anvil of the Void. Installed Harrowmont as King of Orzammar. Oghren joined the party.
  • Journeyed with Shale to Cadash Thaig.
  • Battled Flemeth to protect Morrigan.
  • Killed Kolgrim and the High Dragon.
  • Preserved the Urn of Sacred Ashes for all to visit.
  • Returned Jowan to the Circle of Magi.
  • Reunited Oghren and Felsi.
  • Fully romanced Alistair.
  • Refused to fight Ser Cauthrien and was taken to Fort Drakon with Alistair. Escaped while disguised as guards.
  • Supported Anora ruling alone.
  • Refused the slavers' deals and rescued the Alienage elves.
  • Talked Ser Cauthrien out of fighting before the Landsmeet.
  • Allowed Alistair to duel and execute Loghain.
  • Refused Morrigan's Dark Ritual as believed the Old Gods were evil.
  • Was prepared to sacrifice herself to kill the Archdemon, but had no choice but to watch as Alistair insisted on sacrificing himself in her place.
  • Asked for the City Elves to be treated better, and installed Shianni as their representative.
  • Left to continue working with the Grey Wardens.
  • Cried!


  • Left Alistair at the Denerim gates during the Final Battle.
  • Sacrificed herself to kill the Archdemon.
  • Still crying!


  • Talked Alistair into performing the Dark Ritual, trusting her friend Morrigan to be able to control the Old God.
  • Killed the Archdemon.
  • Asked for the City Elves to be treated better, and installed Shianni as their representative.
  • Left to continue working with the Grey Wardens, and lived happily ever after with Alistair. :)
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