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Rigor stands before the darkness. And the Maker shall dye their hand!.. - Leliana-Sacred Ashes Trailer

In war, victory; in peace, vigilance; in death, sacrifice... - Grey Warden motto

About Me in GameEdit

I have created 22 characters in search of the perfect character with best armor, skill, class, specilization, party members and tactics. And finally, I've found it. A Champion-Templar; with add-on project armor, using two handed talents; using "I get the boss, you slow the men" tactic; with Leliana as Ranger-Duelist and archer, Alistair as Templar-Reaver (Origins) and shield-sword, Morrigan as Arcane Warrior-Shapeshifter. And I hope I'm going to finish Dragon Age: Origins' all quests including The Battle of Denerim and I'll buy Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

About Me in Dragon Age WikiEdit

I try to be useful for new players and share my knowledge about the game. I also search and fix the bugs occured because of wiki coding. I'm a turkish child so my english is not so well but I do my best. Here are my contributions

Contact InformationEdit Never mind the turkish text. Just look at those links below.

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