Eyzrian Tabris
Cg ico gender male
Classico warrior
Cg ico race male elf
Cg ico origin elf city

Age: 28 (as of 9:37 Dragon)

Height: 5'7"

Appearance: Golden brown hair, wiry build, turquoise/sapphire eyes (see below)

Love interests: None, but still holds feelings for Nesiara (his former bride)

Class: Champion, Templar, Spirit Warrior[1]

Equipment: Lifegiver (ring). Stormchaser Armor Set, Dumat's Spine (longsword) Fang of Fen'Harel (dagger). Spellward (amulet)

Psychology: Witty, levelheaded, is very protective of friends & family, prone to outbursts of extreme anger when encountering racism, treats wealth with both envy and annoyance (having grown up penniless in the Alienage), treats morality as subjective.

Eyzrian is a bright, witty elf from the Denerim Alienage. He learned all of his martial training from his mother before she was murdered by human guardsmen. He was due to be married 3 weeks after his 21st birthday before having to fight his way into the Arl's palace in order to rescue his bride and cousin. Found himself in the Grey Warden order after being Conscripted by Warden-Commander Duncan to avoid execution for murder. After the Blight's end, he was named the Bann of the Alienage in reward for his aid during the war. He has since remained there after a brief stint fighting darkspawn in Amaranthine.

[1] His connection to the Fade has caused his irises to become flecked with sapphire spots, the full extent of the effects on the rest of his body is unknown.

Choices in OriginsEdit

1. Redcliffe Battle - Chose to fight in defense of the village to gain their help later on. - Killed Connor when he learned the child was an abomination and responsible for the deaths in the town; believing that justice had to be served and sympathy put aside.

2. Circle of Magi - Initially sided with the Templars, believing that their assessment of using the Right of Annulment was best without any mage to provide a better solution - Chose to help Wynne and rescue what remained of the Circle, slaughtering all blood mages in the tower without mercy.

3. Brecilian Forest - did as Zathrian asked and fought his way to the Werewolves' lair, but becoming more skeptical of Zathrian's assurances of the werewolves' savagery the further he went - after he learned the truth of what Zathrian did from the Lady, he agreed to force Zathrian to end the curse, but betrayed the Lady and slaughtered the werewolves with Zathrian's help.

4. Orzammar - Chose to aid Harrowmont after hearing the rumours of Bhelen's fratricide (and possible patricide as well) - Recruited Oghren during his search for Branka, but later killed Branka and destroyed the Anvil.

5. Landsmeet - convinced Alistair & Anora to marry and rule jointly. - defeated Loghain in single combat and then summarily executed him for his crimes.

6. Dark Ritual/Archdemon-Final Blow - convinced Alistair to perform the ritual and sire a child with Morrigan (believing that an elf shouldn't sire children with a human) - dealt the final blow to the Archdemon personally, and survived to become the Hero of Ferelden

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