Urien Kendells is the Arl of Denerim and an advisor to King Cailan Theirin.[1] At the onset of the Fifth Blight, he joins forces with King Cailan at Ostagar.

Background Edit

Though Urien is considered a decent man himself, his son, Vaughan, is known to enjoy terrorizing and abusing the elves of the Denerim Alienage in his absence and is generally regarded as a poor heir. Urien's distant parenting and indulgence of his son in order to keep him out of the way did little to improve Vaughan's reputation or tame his growing sadistic tendencies.[2] According to Duncan, the Arl is no friend of the Grey Wardens.[3]

Arl Urien has previously employed the services of Harwen Raleigh and his troops, the "Hard Line" at his estate.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Arl Urien was among the casualties of the Battle of Ostagar. Afterwards his Arling was given to Arl Rendon Howe by Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, with Howe claiming that Arl Urien's heir, Vaughan, was killed during the revolt in the Denerim Alienage. This may indeed be correct, if playing the City Elf Origin; otherwise it is a ruse meant to allow Howe to consolidate power.

However Bodahn Feddic also mentions a rumor that Arl Urien "never reached Ostagar" and that Vaughan hired the Antivan Crows to kill the Arl before he ever reached the battle so he could claim the Arling for himself.[4]



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