For a comprehensive list of upgrades specific to Varric's signature crossbow, see Bianca upgrades.

Most weapons and armors acquired in Dragon Age: Inquisition can be modified via upgrade slots. Non-crafted weapons and armors, upgrade slots must be pre-existing, as they cannot be added by the Inquisitor. Crafted weapons and armors are created with upgrade slots affixed to the equipment. In either case, the type of potential upgrade slot depends on the type of equipment.

Weapon and armor upgrades can be received as a reward for quests, completed war table operations, looted from chests, dropped from enemies, purchased from select merchants or crafted at various locations.

Weapon Upgrades

Weapon upgrades include:

Note: Refer to the weapon schematics page for a full list of weapon upgrade schematics.

Armor Upgrades

Armor upgrades include:

Note: Refer to the armor schematics page for a full list of armor upgrade schematics.
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