Unwelcome is a menace card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is part of The Applewoods deck, but may only trigger if the Marquis has the Unwelcome treat due to previous choices regarding The Horned Knight.

The Marquis may become Unwelcome by:

Description Edit

The hostility of The Horned Knight has turned the woods against you.

Available actions Edit

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Shoo a swarm of insects from your baggage
(Requires 1 Provisions)
Their legs are long and fragile, and their wings hum in the still air.
-1 Provisions, +6 Twilight


Struggle through the thick undergrowth
The branches are as tangled as the knots of a deranged sailor.
-1 Hours Remaining, +1 Twilight


Curse the brambles that tear at your skin
Their thorns are as sharp as the nails of a woods-witch. They adorn you with a filigree of scars.
-20 Health, +2 Twilight


Flinch at the sudden chatter of crows
They gather on the branches overhead, making a racket that will rouse the whole wood.
+1 Twilight, gain Noisy

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