I happen to be doing the personal washing of the third assistant to the shaper of memories! He's from House Harrowmont, you know.

Unna is a member of the Servant caste, and quite proud of her position as the cleaner of the third assistant to the Shaper of Memories. She is encountered in the Orzammar Commons near Beraht's Shop during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.

Involvement Edit

The Dwarf Commoner can speak to her while she is cleaning clothes and she insists that the shaper doesn't need the Dwarf Commoner's footprints all over his clean clothes. When the Commoner asks her about her position, she proudly mentions that her place is to serve her betters as it is decided by the Ancestors; because of her mother's previous work, they never considered any other candidate when the position opened for under-washer.

Unna also describes the basic functions of the Shaperate of Memories, while she views the casteless as criminals along with their children, who are also deemed unworthy. A male Dwarf Commoner has the option of trying to seduce her, however she will rebuff him and say that she would rather sleep with a nug.

Conversing with her about her station unlocks the Codex entry: The Castes.

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