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===One Handed===
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===Two Handed===
fuck you all
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See Item Guide for extraordinary equipment in Dragon Age: Origins.
See also: Codex: Items

Legendary items are not just items with a unique name, they are items that would be coveted from people all over Ferelden. They are usually Tier 8 or 9 with a very high power level. Most cost over 50 DAO goldpiece trans at stores or are discovered at the end of quest lines. They are items that even a level 30 character would find useful and often have a corresponding codex entry.

fuck you all



Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes

Light Armor

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Blackblade armor set
High Dragon Hide
18.31 4.55% 0 +12 defense
+40% fire resistance
+20% cold resistance
+8 willpower
+0.5 stamina regeneration in combat
+5% critical/backstab damage
+8 constitution
+4 dexterity
+4 cunning
+8% spell resistance
Set: +1 armor
Set: -10% fatigue
Due to a bug, the Boots and gloves are currently unavailable in the game.

Heavy Armor

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Stormchaser armor set
26.64 30.82% 3 +8 dexterity
+18 defense
+4 armor
+2/+4 stamina regeneration in combat
+55% electricity resistance
Set: +25% electricity resistance

Massive Armor

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Sentinel armor set
Volcanic Aurum
Requires: 52 strength
39.00 52.50% 0 +8 constitution
+1.5 or +3 health regeneration in combat
+12 defense
+3% melee critical chance
+6 attack
+14 strength
Chance to avoid missile attacks
+25 physical resistance
Set: +0.5 armor
Set: -15% fatigue
Golem Shell Armor
Volcanic Aurum
Requires: 52 strength
26.25 36.75% 3 +8 strength
+8 constitution
+2 armor
+25% fire resistance
+20 physical resistance
Crafted by Wade during the quest Golem's Might.


Defense Fatigue Missile deflection Strength modifier Runes Enhancements Notes
Landsmeet Shield
Volcanic Aurum
Requires: 48 strength
4.00 5.60% 10.50 1.00 0 +12 defense
+30% electricity resistance
+50 stamina
+15 physical resistance
Absorbs damage
Heartwood Shield
Ancestral Heartwood
Requires: 48 strength
4.00 4.16% 10.50% 1.00 0 +15 defense
+10% nature resistance
Chance to avoid missile attacks
+20 physical resistance
Absorbs damage
White Steel
Requires: 46 strength
6.00 7.20% 12.00 1.00 0 +2 cunning
+15 defense
+5% chance to dodge attacks
Chance to avoid missile attacks
Absorbs damage
Looted from the remains of a dwarf called Dailan in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter.


Name Enhancements Acquisition
Sash of Power +50% fire resistance
+50% cold resistance
+50% electricity resistance
+50% nature resistance
+10 physical resistance
Sold by Yuriah in Vigil's Keep - Throne Room.
Soulbound +50% spirit resistance
+20% spell resistance
+100% spirit damage
Dropped by the Baroness.

Restriction: Mage
Illumination +3 to all attributes
+10 mental resistance
Obtained by completing the Wending Wood stone puzzle.
Ring of Mastery +10 spellpower Restriction: Mage
Ring of Discipline +15 willpower Located: Architect's Room, in a chest which opens with this key.

Restriction: Mage
Belt of the Architect +7 willpower
+7 spellpower
Can be looted from The Architect.

Restriction: Mage
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