The Undercroft is located in the basement of Skyhold, the headquarters of the Inquisition. It serves as a place for the Inquisitor to craft and upgrade armors and weapons, and to make various customizations to Skyhold. Potions can also be crafted and equipped here.


It is unknown what the Undercroft was originally used for before the Inquisition took it over as their main base of operations.


  • Dagna - The Inquisition's arcanist
  • Harritt - The Inquisition's blacksmith


Quest icon DAI Dagna: Mind Your Mentor
Quest icon DAI Fragment of Inadequate Chain Mail
Quest icon DAI Welcome to Skyhold

Notable items

  • Special Supplies Chest, which holds the items in the Red Lyrium Reapers Weapons Pack DLC
  • Craft Armor Table
  • Modify Armor Table
  • Craft Weapons Table
  • Modify Weapons Table
  • Upgrade Potions Table
  • Equip Potions Table
  • Decorate Skyhold Table
  • Buy/Sell Banner
  • Storage Chest (as of 1.05)
  • Tint Armor Table (as of 1.05)
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