Undercity Warrens is a section of the Kirkwall Undercity and home to some of the city's most destitute inhabitants. It is only accessible during Shepherding Wolves.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.


After meeting with Sister Petrice, Hawke is asked to escorted a Qunari saarebas she named Ketojan through the Undercity Warrens to the Vimmark Mountain Pass.


  • Giant Spider
  • Poisonous Spider
  • Thug Leader
  • Undercity Thug

Notable items Edit

Depending on Hawke's class:

Heavy boots silver DA2 Boots of the Fallen (Warrior)
Light boots silver DA2 Boots of the Spiral Eye (Mage)
Medium boots silver DA2 Last Descent Boots (Rogue)
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