Uldred is fought in the Circle Tower during the quest Broken Circle.

Strategy Edit


Uldred's abomination form.

Upon confronting the Warden, Uldred will turn into a gigantic abomination; a Pride Demon. He will be aided by several weaker abominations. Uldred will attempt to turn remaining captive mages into abominations every now and again, indicated by circles surrounding the affected mage. The Warden has the option of using a magic item called the Litany of Adralla to prevent Uldred from turning the mages. Placing the Litany in your quickbar will permit easy access to the item each time its cooldown has elapsed. This item will be rendered useless after the battle. Whenever Uldred speaks to offer the mages a "gift", (i.e. do you accept the gift I offer?) it is advised that the player use the Litany again to prevent that mage from turning into an abomination.

Note: If Wynne is in the party she will alert you to Uldred trying to turn the mages into abominations. (i.e. "The Litany! Use it! Now!" or "He's doing something to the mages!")

Solo strategy Edit

Uldred is a somewhat difficult opponent to battle alone as he is a formidable melee fighter and possesses some nasty spells.

Crushing Prison is the biggest danger. He also has some special fire and frost spells to damage the Warden directly. He will frequently use Anti-Magic Burst and Mana Drain spells.

The key to victory is to stay close to him because he will not be casting damaging spells then, only Anti-Magic Burst and Mana Drain. He will use Massive Attack, but in general he runs back on you right after using it. If you take a few steps back yourself, however, he will start casting. Take care of his lesser abominations first, and be ready to use Litany of Adralla whenever he tries to turn another mage. Each new abomination he summons will be stronger then the initial ones, so it is best to prevent them completely. Fortunately his spell that turns mages takes quite some time to be finished, and leaves him paralyzed. It can be interrupted anytime in that period. You can use this to your advantage and attack him a few times before using the Litany.

If playing Arcane Warrior, enter the Harrowing chamber with all your sustained spells turned off and ready to cast. He will use Anti-Magic Burst and turn them off anyway. You will have to re-cast them every time he uses it. This can get very dangerous at times. Make sure to re-cast Rock Armor right after it's been disabled, as it has very short cooldown and it will offer some protection while you cast Combat Magic and Haste.

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