Senior Enchanter Uldred is an ambitious mage of the Circle. He is a noted and vocal Libertarian and is unpopular among other senior mages, even though First Enchanter Irving admires Uldred's ability to root out blood mages.

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Uldred is first seen at the war council at Ostagar, just before the Battle of Ostagar. Uldred contends that lighting the beacon at the Tower of Ishal is unnecessary and that the Circle of Magi can contribute instead of dispatching Grey Wardens to light a signal fire. His opinions are angrily dismissed by a Revered Mother standing next to him.

After Ostagar, Uldred nearly convinces the Circle to support Loghain Mac Tir, claiming that Loghain will reward the Circle's support by granting it more freedom from the Chantry. Wynne reveals Loghain's treachery to the Circle, destroying any tentative support for Loghain from the Circle. At a meeting to discuss the Circle's alliance, Uldred attempts to explain away Loghain's actions, but the other mages are unconvinced and Uldred attempts to leave. Irving does not allow this, and Uldred attacks, along with a group of blood mages supporting him. During this fight Uldred attempts to summon a Pride demon but is overwhelmed and becomes an abomination.

When the Warden confronts Uldred in the Harrowing Chamber during the Broken Circle quest, Uldred's humanity is gone, taken over by the Pride demon. In the chamber, the Uldred abomination is attempting to turn other mages into abominations. If the Warden is a mage, Uldred will attempt to entice the Warden to become an abomination as well. Uldred however is slain by the Warden and their companions.

After his death, investigations revealed that he had been quietly encouraging other mages to break away from the Chantry and introducing blood magic to those he thought could be useful. To deflect suspicion, Uldred would occasionally reveal the identity of these potential rebels. Many have theorized that Jowan was one of those Uldred betrayed.[1]

Possessed Uldred in Heroes of Dragon Age


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  • ps3PS3xbox360Xbox360pcPCAfter killing Uldred and getting the templars' promise to aid in battle against the Blight, return immediately to the Harrowing room at the top of the tower. The Uldred abomination may appear again (without minions). It appears that he can be killed an indefinite number of times for an indefinite amount of experience. Also, items left over from the original encounter will remain to be looted from his dead body each return until taken.
  • pcPC(1.02) Uldred sometimes respawns when the Warden enters the Harrowing Chamber, but doesn't carry any items, only experience can be gained.

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