Tuskets are pig-like animals that inhabit various regions of Ferelden and Orlais. Tuskets are characterized by their hairless body, upturned snout, and two pairs of backward-curved tusks. Their horns are also used in a widely-known folk remedy.

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The curving tusks protruding from the snout are present in both males and females of the species. Rarely used in combat, the upper tusks play an important part in mate selection. It's believed that tuskets choose prospective mates based not only on the size, but also on the curve and even slight color variation found in another's tusks. Considering tuskets bond for life, careful mate selection is crucial to the continued success of the herd. Bonded tuskets have been seen gently clicking their tusks together as a sign of affection.

The role of the tusket's signature ornamentation in the mating process led to an unfortunate rumor that their tusks could increase virility in other species. Although usually docile, tuskets will defend themselves if cornered (or if someone attempts to saw off part of their anatomy). It's said Baron Vandermine lost three servants this way.

—From Observed Behaviors in the Common Tusket by Tilda Adere
—From Codex entry: Tusket

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Tuskets can be found wading through the shallow Intrinsic Pool in the Forbidden Oasis of western Orlais. They also roam through the wetter climate regions of the Storm Coast and the Frostback Basin in Ferelden. In the Basin, the rare Imbued Tusket can be found. It is recognizable by its pink back (as opposed to the common tusket's light gray) and is considerably sturdier.

Locations Edit

Forbidden Oasis icon (Inquisition) Forbidden Oasis
Frostback Basin Icon Frostback Basin
Storm Coast icon (Inquisition) Storm Coast

Loot Edit

Creature research icon Tusket Teeth
Nugskin icon Nugskin
Snoufleur Skin icon Hardened Tusket Skin - as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC (Unconfirmed if it drops elsewhere without the DLC installed)
Ico ImbuedTusket Imbued Tusket Hide - exclusively from Imbued Tuskets in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC map Frostback Basin

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Tusket

Trivia Edit

  • The codex description of Tusket horns increasing virility is a reference to the same kind of rumors about rhinoceri and unicorn horns.
  • Tuskets seem to be related to Nugs as Tuskets drop Nugskin on kills.

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