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Write again soon; it's been too long since we've had tea,
Write again soon; it's been too long since we've had tea,
Vicomtesse Elodie De Morreau}}
Vicomtesse Elodie De Morreau}}

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Truth or Dare: The Endgame is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Unlocked upon completion of Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

Operation text

Ambassador Montilyet,

We have never met, but I believe you have, through discreet means, saved me from a most disagreeable connection. As I dislike being indebted to anyone, I shall endeavor to repay you with a news item of some interest: Were you aware that the Grand Duchess of Lydes recently paid a visit to Lake Celestine? Indeed, she stayed an entire fortnight as a guest of Duke Alvin Blanchard of Val Montaigne. In light of her other connections, and the curious amount of coin which spread across the region in the aftermath, you may wish to pay him a call.

Duke Valere Fontaine

Advisor suggestions


If Duke Blanchard was conspiring with Florianne, the Imperial Court would like to know.


Send our agents in. We can expose his connection to Florianne for all the world to see.


Not participating in this mission.




Following the arrival of your letter, I invited my dear cousin Blanchard to Halamshiral for an urgent consultation on the Inquisition, during which time I had his home thoroughly searched. A large sum of Tevinter gold was found in his chateau, as well as a room full of red lyrium. My cousin finds his stay at the Winter Palace shall be of some duration.

Many thanks,
Celene Valmont


My Dearest Vivienne,

You cannot imagine the scandal when six bags of Tevinter coin were found wrapped in the Blanchard coat of arms and nailed to a chanter's board in Val Royeaux! It will be talked of for months. It is disagreeable to think that a cousin of the imperial family could be involved with these horrid Venatori! One hardly know what to think. Your new friends produce the best entertainment.

Write again soon; it's been too long since we've had tea,

Vicomtesse Elodie De Morreau



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