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Trespasser is the third and final downloadable content released for single-player in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Announced on August 29, 2015, it was released September 8, 2015, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Cost: $14.99 USD.


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Go to the War Room in Skyhold to begin the DLC, from there you will attend the Exalted Council (in Orlais). Requires 8 power to start.


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Trespasser takes place two years after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition's main story, and concludes the Inquisitor's story.[1]

Having defeated Corypheus and closed The Breach, the Inquisition's reputation is in a shambles as the Inquisitor faces the demands of Ferelden and Orlais, as well as the scrutiny of the Chantry.

Solas Trespasser

A long-awaited reunion.

To add to the turmoil, Qunari invaders have made use of the eluvians to attack the Inquisition, and the Inquisitor's mark has begun to act up once more as they begin to traverse the seemingly forbidden pathways of the eluvians as well. And in the midst of it all, Solas reappears to offer some long-awaited answers.[2][3]


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Other texts

Text ico Sera's Past and Now Things
Note: Wolf's Welcome
Note: The Lies of the Evanuris
Note: The Promise of Fen'Harel
Note: The Lifting of the Vallaslin
Note: Half-Finished Poem
Note: A Reminder
Text ico Dedication
Text ico An Unknown Agent
Note: Crumpled Note
Text ico The Treachery of the Wolf
Note: Charred Note
Note: Scrap of Writing from a Ben-Hassrath Agent

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Achievements and trophies

Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
Coroner Find all of the wearable items that make up the Taken Shape. 15 Bronze Coroner
Lateral Thinker Unlock all caches watched over by ancient statues. 15 Bronze Lateral Thinker
Trial of Temperance Rest Easy trial always on in Emprise du Lion: claim Suledin Keep. 15 Bronze Trial of Temperance
Trial of the Emperor Defeat 20 foes promoted by Walk Softly. 15 Bronze Trial of the Emperor
Trial of the Empress Even Ground on: slay a level 16 or higher Fereldan Frostback. 15 Bronze Trial of the Empress
Trial of the Fool Take it Slow on: reach Skyhold at level 5 or less. 15 Bronze Trial of the Fool
Trial of the Lovers Fair-Weather Friends always on: enter Halamshiral with all followers. 15 Bronze Trial of the Lovers
Trial of the Magician Travel Light on for "In Hushed Whispers": finish the quest. 15 Bronze Trial of the Magician
Trial of the Hermit Slay 10 great bears promoted by Grizzly End. 15 Bronze Trial of the Hermit
Trial of the Tower Rub Some Dirt on It on: slay the Hivernal high dragon. 15 Bronze Trial of the Tower
Forever Marked Progress the story to unlock. 90 Silver ForeverMarked


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  • While at the Winter Palace in the beginning of the game, be sure to correct any painting that is not hanging correctly for +2 strength each painting. There are 5 paintings to find. (One is in the bar, one is in the little room to the north of the bar, two are on the top floor, after you climb the trellises, and one is in the bathhouse.)
  • +2 dexterity and ~250 gold can be gained by finding each of the Harlequin in the Winter Palace, find all 5 of them and earn the Brand Schematic.
  • +1 constitution for every Expensive Dog Treats put into the basket next to Cullen and his Mabari. There are 10 treats in total, and if you give them all to the mabari he'll also bring back a unique mace (Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen).
  • Once you have progressed to the night map, there are fireworks you can activate in the south-western corner of the palace courtyard, near a telescope. Exploding the fireworks gets you points; if you get over 50 points, you will receive a +1 to magic. A Score of 65+ will earn you Sigil of the Golem and +3 magic. A score of 80+ will earn you +6 magic and Chromatic Greatsword schematic.
  • If you follow the treasure map to the Winter Palace that you find on a skeleton in the Crossroads (immediately to the left before you head down the central staircase), you will get +1 cunning for each halla statue you find. There are 4 halla statues in total: The first one is behind the bar, the second one is inside the central fountain, the third is above the bath-house across from where the Ferelden ambassador used to be, and the last one is at the top of the right set of stairs from the palace entrance, as well as a top hat, and the Encore Schematic. Take the top hat back to the skeleton and you'll get another +6 cunning.


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