Treasure is a despair demon lurking around the Southfinger Tower in the Emerald Graves.

Involvement Edit

He spent his whole life figuring out that it pointed to objects in the Emerald Graves, and now I have to finish the job. This is going to kill me. Why would his dying wish be that I figure it out? What sort of father asks that of a son?
—From Codex entry: Parson's Battered Notebook

A man named Parson, upon his father's last will, sets out to Emerald Graves to find something his father spent his entire life searching for. As foreseen by Parson himself, this trip was the death of him. The Inquisitor can pick up Parson's notebook from his body and continue his treasure hunt, based on the tips left in the notebook.

Following every step of the instructions to the letter leads the Inquisitor to a treasure box buried underneath the Southfinger Tower. Upon opening and looting the box, a despair demon named Treasure shows up and is killed by the Inquisitor and their party.

Skills Edit

  • Cold Resistance
  • Fire Vulnerability
  • Immunity: Asleep
  • Immunity: Frozen
  • Barrier (Inquisition) Barrier
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