Treasure is any loot placed in containers or on a creature's corpse. Dragon Age uses a treasure system to determine what items will be distributed as loot (not including those preset). The criteria is determined by the rank of the object and the Treasure Category.

Creatures tend to mostly drop consumables, which are generated upon death. Containers are distributed equipment, and are set when the area is first entered.

Treasure Categories Edit

There are several categories of context-appropriate treasure (e.g. so you don't find dwarven equipment in elven ruins). The list as follows:

Generic Edit

Generic Armor Edit

Used primarily for Armor Stands.

Generic Weapons Edit

Used primarily for Weapon Stands.

Ferelden Edit

Generally associated with Ferelden human settlements (e.g. Denerim, Redcliffe). This treasure category includes the rare Commander's Plate armor set.

Elven Edit

Used primarily in the Dalish Elf Origin and during Nature of the Beast. This treasure category contains Dalish crafts, crafting components, and arrows.

  • Elite Boss
    • Expert Runes (Paralyze, Cold Iron, Slow)

Dwarven Edit

Used primarily in Dwarf origins and during A Paragon of Her Kind. This treasure includes Dwarven crafts.

Circle of Magi Edit

Used primarily in the Magi Origin and during Broken Circle. This treasure category contains several types of accessories.

Grey Wardens Edit

Generally associated with the Grey Wardens.

Darkspawn Edit

Used primarily in Darkspawn infested areas like the Deep Roads. This treasure category included corrupted equipment and poisons.

Barbarian Edit


Antivan Edit

Generally associated with the Antivan Crows. This treasure category includes many poisons and traps.

Orlesian Edit

Generally associated with Orlesians. This treasure category includes the rare Chevalier armor set.

Qunari Edit

Generally associated with Qunari mercenaries.

Tevinter Edit

Generally associated with people from the Tevinter Imperium.

Books and Scrolls Edit

Used only for bookshelves or scroll piles.

Stone Edit

Used for stone fragments.

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