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The page provides a list of locations that need to be visited in order to obtain the Traveler Achievement. None of the DLC areas are required for the achievement; neither are most random encounters or any of the origin locations that you cannot return to.

In Ostagar[]

Ostagar Ostagar

Korcari Wilds Korcari Wilds

Flemeth's Hut Flemeth's Hut

Tower of Ishal Tower of Ishal

In Lothering[]

Lothering Lothering

Dane's Refuge Dane's Refuge

Lothering chantry Lothering chantry


Party Camp Party Camp

In Redcliffe[]

Redcliffe Village Redcliffe Village

Redcliffe chantry Redcliffe chantry

Blacksmith's Store Blacksmith's Store

Tavern Tavern

Dwyn's Home Dwyn's Home

Kaitlyn's Home Kaitlyn's Home (both floors)

General Store General Store

Windmill Windmill

Redcliffe Castle Redcliffe Castle

Redcliffe Dungeons Redcliffe Dungeons

House House (Scraping the Barrel quest for Blackstone Irregulars, located across the bridge)

In Lake Calenhad[]

Lake Calenhad Docks Lake Calenhad Docks

The Spoiled Princess The Spoiled Princess

In the Circle Tower[]

Circle Tower Circle Tower (every floor)

The Fade The Fade (every section)

In the Village of Haven[]

Haven Haven

Village Store Village Store

Caverns Caverns

Ruined Temple Ruined Temple

Haven Chantry Haven Chantry (the one where you find Eirik)

Villager House Villager House (near entrance, to the left, as you enter the village - contains the Bloody Altar)

In the Frostback Mountain Pass[]

Frostback Mountain Pass Frostback Mountain Pass

In Orzammar[]

Orzammar Orzammar

Orzammar Commons Orzammar Commons

Orzammar Proving Orzammar Proving

Figor's Imports Figor's Imports

Janar Armorers / Beraht's Shop Janar Armorers / Beraht's Shop

Tapster's Tavern Tapster's Tavern

Dust Town Dust Town

Alimar's Emporium Alimar's Emporium

Dust Town Home Dust Town Home

Carta Hideout / Beraht's Hideout Carta Hideout / Beraht's Hideout

Orzammar Diamond Quarter Orzammar Diamond Quarter

Harrowmont's Estate Harrowmont's Estate

Orzammar Royal Palace Orzammar Royal Palace

Orzammar Shaperate Orzammar Shaperate

Chamber of the Assembly Chamber of the Assembly

In the Deep Roads[]

Caridin's Cross Caridin's Cross

Ortan Thaig Ortan Thaig

Dead Trenches Dead Trenches

Anvil of the Void Anvil of the Void

Aeducan Thaig Aeducan Thaig

In the Brecilian Forest[]

Dalish Camp Dalish Camp

West Brecilian Forest West Brecilian Forest

East Brecilian Forest East Brecilian Forest

Brecilian Forest Brecilian Forest

Ruins Upper Level Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins Lower Ruins

Werewolf Lair Werewolf Lair

In Denerim[]

Denerim Market District Denerim Market District

Wonders of Thedas Wonders of Thedas

Wade's Emporium Wade's Emporium

Gnawed Noble Tavern Gnawed Noble Tavern

Market Warehouse Market Warehouse

Elven Alienage Elven Alienage

Alarith's Store Alarith's Store

Abandoned Orphanage Abandoned Orphanage (to gain access talk to Ser Otto in the alienage to obtain the side quest Something Wicked)

Valendrian's Home Valendrian's Home (not required; if Valendrian dies and you thus can't enter his home, you still get the achievement. With sufficient lockpicking, you can break in to Valendrian's home)

Run-Down Apartments Run-Down Apartments

Tevinter Hospice Tevinter Hospice

Tevinter Warehouse Tevinter Warehouse (previously Compound)

K's Hideout K's Hideout (ps3PS3xbox360Xbox360not needed for the achievement)

Arl of Redcliffe's Estate Arl of Redcliffe's Estate

Royal Palace Royal Palace

Arl of Denerim's Estate Arl of Denerim's Estate

Fort Drakon Fort Drakon (awarded once you reach the top floor and fight the archdemon)

Dirty Back Alley Dirty Back Alley

Dark Alley Dark Alley (Back Alley Justice)

Deserted Building Deserted Building (The Last Request)

During side quests[]

Civil War Civil War- From the Chantry board in Denerim, "Loghain's Push" side quest.

Battlefield Battlefield - From the Chantry board in Redcliffe, "Brothers and Sons" side quest.

Abandoned Meadow Abandoned Meadow - "Refugees" on World Map. From the Chantry board in Redcliffe, "Desperate Haven" side quest.

Caravan Caravan - From the Chantry board in Redcliffe, "Caravan Down" side quest.