Trainers are specialists in various professions who can teach the Inquisitor their respective specialization.


Once the Inquisitor has completed Specializations for the Inquisitor, three trainers corresponding to the Inquisitor's class will appear in Skyhold.


There are nine trainers in total, three for each class.

Mage Edit

Rogue Edit

Warrior Edit


  • The warrior trainers will be on the upper right battlements (southern point of the upper map).
  • The rogue trainers will be in the lower courtyard between Blackwall's barn and the stairs to the kitchen.
  • The mage trainers will be near Skyhold's front gate.

Bug Edit

  • If you complete a specialization quest without talking to the other two specialists, they will no longer be addressable, but an exclamation mark will permanently remain on the map for each of them.
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