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Trade Must Flow is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. After you have completed the quest the Assault on Vigil's Keep, Mistress Woolsey suggests that you persuade new merchants to trade at Vigil's Keep.



As you explore the Silverite Mine, you will come across Armaas, a Tal-Vashoth merchant who has an agreement to supply the darkspawn there with goods. You can ask him to come trade at Vigil's Keep, but you must do so during this first encounter, as there is no way of returning to that part of the mine once you leave. Failure to recruit Armaas may prevent the 2nd upgrade cycle for Yuriah's inventory/stock.

Bug icon Bug! It is impossible to recruit Armaas if the Silverite Mine is explored before talking to Mistress Woolsey. It is possible to start this quest by going to the City of Amaranthine and talking to Wynne before ever talking to Varel or Woolsey. The discussion options for Armaas will not be available if this happens, and it will be impossible to return to him later.
Bug icon Bug! It is possible for him to appear at Vigil's Keep before you even head to the Silverite Mine. This does not affect the Trade Must Flow quest.
Bug icon Bug! It is possible for Armaas to not count for the quest completion if he is recruited before Lilith. Due to the fact the latter is in a random encounter, this is a particularly annoying nuisance.
Bug icon Bug! Sometimes Armaas not counted for the quest completion even if he is recruited after Lilith.

It is possible to go back to the area where Armass is located if you encountred said bugs or if you didn't recruit him on your first run through the mines using the developer console. Type in 'runscript zz_trp_debug' and then select the dragon test area. Armaas will be just behind you. Speak with him and the quest will update. Then simply teleport back out, say for example to Amaranthine using 'runscript zz_coa_debug'.


Lillith is found during a scripted encounter. She is being harassed by bandits. Upon killing all the bandits, Lillith will head to the keep.

Note: If you are having trouble triggering the world encounter, a better chance of triggering the event is to travel the north road, between the Turnoble Estate and Vigil's Keep, repeating if necessary.
Bug icon Bug! It is possible that Lillith will be at Vigil's Keep even if the Warden-Commander did not get the encounter. She will act as if the Warden-Commander rescued her. The quest journal does not update since the encounter hasn't occurred yet and the encounter will not occur since Lillith is at Vigil's Keep. Thus, the quest can never be completed, and the reward will not be received.
Bug icon Bug! pcpcps3ps3xbox360xbox360 It is possible to trigger the encounter with Lillith, even if she's already present at Vigil's Keep. After dialogue with her, travel to Knotwood Hills, then go back to Vigil's Keep. During travel, the world encounter should occur and end the quest. (However, Lillith may mysteriously disappear from Vigil's Keep once again.)


Two new merchants appear at the Keep in the courtyard near Wade. They will offer new goods through the other merchants.

  • Lillith will reward you with 15 Gold.
  • Mistress Woolsey will reward you with 60 Gold.
  • 500 XP