Track Spies in Val Royeaux is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is the first of a large chain of war table operations associated with "tracking spies".


Available after completing the Find Spies in Skyhold operation with Leliana.

Operation text


Our efforts paid off. The Venatori agents in Skyhold are reporting to handlers operating out of Val Royeaux. This may be our opportunity to follow the Venatori information network back to its source and kill the spider in its web.

To that end, while I trace the flow of information, we must send Ben-Hassrath and Inquisition operatives into Val Royeaux in sufficient strength, so that when we locate the final hub of Venatori spy network, we can eliminate its operatives with one decisive strike.

Val Royeaux is flooded with bards, spies, and foreign dignitaries. Moving our people through such a busy area should not present a problem.


Advisor suggestions

Josephine - N/A

Not participating in this mission.

Leliana - 0:48:00

If you wish, we can move a smaller group with more discretion.

Cullen - 1:00:00

You heard Tallis. We should move our operatives in force.


Leliana / Cullen


Several nobles in Val Royeaux are overly friendly with the Venatori. We embarrassed a few and raised funds for the Inquisition, including a prize I'm sending back for you personally. I'll let you know when we've discovered who the agents in Val Royeaux report to.



Leliana / Cullen


  • Results (though not rewards) in the final missions of this line seem to vary based on choices in previous missions: Read Tallis' briefings on whether enough agents have been sent (over the course of the missions) and whether a risk of exposure exists. Full or partial success in the final mission (Destroy Venatori Spy Network) both give 120 influence. The following should be a path to full success:
    • Val Royeaux - Cullen (high forces, high exposure)
    • Val Chevin - Leliana (low forces, low exposure)
    • Nevarra - Leliana (low forces, low exposure)
    • Vyrantium - Josephine (no forces, reduced exposure)
    • Destroy Spy Network - Cullen (high forces, high exposure)
  • The outcome may additionally be affected by random chance or number of agents for the chosen advisors. This may be worth experimenting with if the above path does not reproduce the results.
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