The Tower of Ishal, is a location in Ostagar. Before the Battle of Ostagar, Teyrn Loghain devises a plan to defeat the darkspawn: The Grey Wardens and King Cailan's troops will engage the darkspawn in combat, then someone will light the beacon in the Tower of Ishal, signaling Teyrn Loghain to attack the darkspawn with his men. The Warden is selected for lighting the beacon. However, during the Battle of Ostagar the darkspawn break into the tower through an underground tunnel and slaughter the guards. The task of lighting the beacon apparently will not be so simple after all...


The Tower of Ishal was constructed by the Tevinter Imperium along with the rest of Ostagar during the height of its power. The tower was named after the Archon that ordered its construction as well. After the First Blight the whole of Ostagar, along with the tower, was abandoned and fell into disrepair but the tower still stands strong several hundred years later.



Third Floor


First Floor


Second Floor


Upper Floor (Boss battle)


On the second floor there is a codex entry, in the form of "a discarded book".


Outside the tower two guards (2 warriors if you are a mage, or 1 warrior and 1 mage if you are not) will tell you the tower was overrun by darkspawn and they will help you get to the top and light the beacon.

Note:If you have the Dog in your party only one will join you.

Mabari War Dogs :You can release them from their cages by activating the lever.



Tower Guard

Class: Warrior

Specialization: NA

Starting Talents/Skills: Begins with level 3 Combat Training

'Warrior: Powerful, Precise Striking, Taunt'

Archery: Pinning Shot, Crippling Shot, Rapid Shot, Shattering Shot


Class: Warrior

Specialization: NA

Starting Talents/Skills: Begins with level 3 Combat Training

Warrior: Powerful, Precise Striking, Taunt, Disengage

Weapon and Shield: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Shield Block

Depending on the player's class/Origin, when the Tower of Ishal is reached, the party will gain one or more temporary companions to help assault the Tower in order to light the beacon. The Tower Guard comes equiped with a crossbow as his primary weapon and a sword and shield as secondary. The Soldier will have only a sword and shield. If the Tower Guard is one of the companions that joins the Warden, be sure to take advantage of his Archery abilities as it is one less character to have rushing blindly into the fray. As the two possible melee companions both come with Taunt, it's also another way to safeguard yourself, Alistair and potentially Dog from harm.


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