See Tower of Ishal (quest) for a walkthrough of the Dragon Age: Origins quest - this article is about the location.

The Tower of Ishal is a located to the east of the abandoned fortress of Ostagar and plays an important role in King Cailan Theirin's plans to defeat the darkspawn during the Fifth Blight.


The Tower of Ishal was constructed by the Tevinter Imperium along with the rest of the fortress of Ostagar during the height of its power as a fortification against the wilders of the Korcari Wilds. The tower was named after the Archon that ordered its construction. After the First Blight the whole of Ostagar, along with the tower, was abandoned and fell into disrepair but the tower still stands strong several hundred years later.


  • The entrance of the Tower of Ishal is located to the east of Ostagar. Whilst in the process of Joining the Grey Wardens, The Warden can speak to a guard outside the Tower to find out a bit about its history.
  • The Warden will need to enter the Tower as part of the quest The Tower of Ishal.
  • Part of the Tower of Ishal can be revisited during The Warden's Return to Ostagar (DLC required).



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Second floor

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Upper floor


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