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The Tower Guard is a guard stationed at the Tower of Ishal in Ostagar and a possible temporary companion to the Warden.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden can first speak to the Guard immediately after arriving at Ostagar with Duncan. He'll explain that the tower is off-limits on Teyrn Loghain's orders while they secure the tower and survey the tunnels which run underneath the tower.

Once the Battle of Ostagar begins and the Warden along with Alistair travel to the tower as part of Tower of Ishal (quest), the Tower Guard informs them that the tower has been overrun by darkspawn coming up from the ground via tunnels. If the Warden is not of Human Noble Origin, he will then join the party in order to assist the Wardens with reaching the top of the tower and lighting the beacon.

Once this is done, the darkspawn soon overruns their position. However, Flemeth in a giant bird form saves the Warden and Alistair. Since the Tower Guard is not saved by Flemeth, it can be presumed that he was overrun and killed by the darkspawn. However, in the event he did not join the Warden's party, his fate remains unknown.


The Tower of Ishal The Tower of Ishal


Initial skills[]

Improved Combat Training Improved Combat Training

Initial talents[]

Warrior Precise Striking Precise StrikingTaunt Taunt
Archery Pinning Shot Pinning ShotRapid Shot Rapid ShotShattering Shot Shattering ShotCrippling Shot Crippling Shot

Initial equipment[]

Weapons Crossbow CrossbowMace Mace
Armor Chainmail armor set Chainmail armor set
Note: The Tower Guard does not actually have enough Strength to normally wear his helmet, so if you unequip it he won't be able to wear it again.
Note: Anything worn by Tower Guard will be lost at the conclusion of the quest. If you wish to keep his equipment or any other extra items you equipped him with, unequip them before you light the beacon.