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The Tome of Arcane Technique is a tome in Dragon Age: Origins. It grants one spell point when used. In the console versions one attribute point is also given.


Can be bought from the following merchants:

Bodahn Feddic Bodahn Feddic (his inventory resets after the first visit to the camp, so it's possible to buy 2 copies from him)

Tranquil Proprietor Tranquil Proprietor (Wonders of Thedas)

Quartermaster Quartermaster (Circle Tower)


(not for macmac or pcpc) A Tome of Arcane Technique cannot be used as long as a Tome of Physical Technique is inside your inventory.

Note: A workaround for this exists by dragging the tome to the quickslot of the desired character and activating from there.


This is one of the duplicable tomes, along with the tomes for talents, skills and stats. If you intend to take advantage of this exploit, make sure you keep (don't use) at least 2 of the available Tomes of this kind, either at the original merchant or in your inventory.