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“It shapes the Stone. It is the Stone. It sculpts the world within and without.”―Primeval dwarven carvings

Titans, also known as "the pillars of the earth",[1] are ancient beings that dwell deep beneath the earth. They are massive creatures who sing in the Stone, shaping it.[2]


There is no mention of titans in Orzammar's Memories, although there are at least two dwarven texts which describe them predating the First Blight.[3] The knowledge of the titans was likely erased from the Memories by the Shapers[4] as it would have huge implications for dwarven culture and faith.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The titans are said to have sculpted the world, and the earthquakes may be their method of reshaping Thedas. The titans consider dwarves their "children". Lyrium may be called "blood of the titans".[4] The substance emanates a song that is different from the call of the Old Gods.[5]

The space within the only known titan is a gargantuan cavern with its own verdant ecosystem, with stalactites interconnected with bridges and dotted with structures. It houses the civilization of the Sha-Brytol who regard themselves as the titan's guardians and drink its blood for sustenance. The place has an organic feel to it, and darkspawn avoid it[6] for an unknown reason.

This titan has been asleep for centuries. The last time it awoke was during the rule of king Orseck Garal, around -1170 Ancient, before the fall of Arlathan, and its rhythm "bled despair".[7] Eventually something caused the titans to fall, and according to Valta the fate of dwarves fell with them.[8]

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Death of a titan

According to a song, earthquakes once shook Elvhenan cities, and they sought to tame the land.[9] They prepared to hunt down the pillars of the earth and watched their workers scurry, witless, soulless.[10] In veilfire runes it is depicted that Mythal struck down at least some of the titans and gave the land to the elves[1], who would make it blossom with the titans' passing.[10] They mined titans' bodies for lyrium, but eventually collapsed the mines and sealed them with stone and magic out of fear - what the Evanuris in their greed could unleash would destroy all in its anger.[1]


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Following the Battle of Haven, a string of violent earthquakes grip the Storm Coast region. Ordinarily, it wouldn't have been brought to the Inquisitor's attention, but the quakes aren't subsiding and are threatening the Inquisition's vital lyrium trade with the dwarves of Orzammar, collapsing mining tunnels and causing casualties. The Inquisitor is asked to meet with a Shaper on the scene named Valta.

The Heart of the Titan

The Inquisition descends into the Deep Roads to find the cause of the worsening earthquakes with Valta and Lieutenant Renn. Along the way they battle the monstrous darkspawn and the ancient dwarven Sha-Brytol guardians, who manage to ambush and kill Renn in their first encounter. During their adventure, they discover that the source of the earthquakes is a recently stirred Titan. Valta uncovers information about the ancient Titans from old lyrium etchings and pieces together its relationship with lyrium and the Sha-Brytol. Eventually they reach a verdant cavern that is surmised to be the inside of the titan itself. At the heart of the cavern is a massive stone of raw lyrium, which strikes Valta with lyrium energy and knocks her unconscious. Several large rocks and stone then unite surrounding the raw lyrium to form a rock-lyrium Guardian that the Inquisitor must confront.

The Guardian

Following the Guardian's defeat, Valta regains consciousness but is pained by a loud song until she releases a wave of telekinetic force. Valta reveals that the raw lyrium's energy blast established a connection between her and the titan. She reveals the titan was disturbed by the Breach but seems to have calmed now that it has established a connection with one of its "children". Valta has come to believe that everything that has transpired went according to the titan's plan. Though she admits that she is now different, she assures the Inquisitor that she is still a Shaper and wishes to stay in the verdant cavern to commune with the titan. She hopes in time, its song will reveal more knowledge about the dwarves and their mysterious history.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Titans are mentioned by Kieran, should he have the soul of an Old God. In response to a humorous jest made by a dwarven Inquisitor about attempting to be taller, Kieran says, "But you can't be taller. Not without the titans."
  • After completing the war table operation the Arcanist and the Fade, Dagna mentions that she was face-deep in a rune and for a moment she "felt mountain-tall, moving as if around all her people," their combined thoughts constituting her thought like parts.
  • Some of Cole's cryptic comments may be related to the titans:
    • During the events of the game, Cole may be asked to give his opinion on Templars. To this, he explains that they use lyrium to reach out to a powerful something that fills in the gaps, which Solas describes Templar abilities as pulling in the reality of the world around them to shut out the use of magic. Templar abilities may potentially be the result of humans establishing a connection with the Titans through lyrium, but it does not explain the origin of a Seeker's powers.
    • "It's singing. A they that's an it that's asleep, but still making music."
    • "Their ancient shapers were mountains drawn of all their wills, walking their memories into valleys of the world".
    • "They made bodies from the earth, and the earth was afraid. It fought back, but they made it forget."

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