Is it true that she is... "untasted"?

Master Tilver is the silversmith of Bann Darby. He is the mark in the sub-quest Steal Master Tilver's key, the third of the mark sub-quests given by Slim Couldry as part of the Crime Wave quest.

Background Edit

Tilver has been on holiday for the past few weeks, but has recently arrived in Denerim after riding for three days. He has contracted Sanga, The Pearl's proprietor, for one of her workers, and is waiting for the selected woman who is named Eloise to arrive.

Involvement Edit

The Warden is tasked with stealing the Silversmith's Key from Master Tilver, who is located behind Goldanna's House and Wade's Emporium, in front of the Mages' Collective Liaison. The silversmith is guarded by two expensive guards who will not let anyone get near him. Tilver's key can be used to open the two locked chests located in the central bazaar of the Market District, in front of Gorim Saelac.

If the Warden initiates dialogue with Master Tilver, they have the option to lie to them that the lady he is waiting for has cancelled, which will make Tilver angry and cause him to leave. Furthermore, if a female Warden, while impersonating a Pearl employee, praises Tilver, he will respond by saying, "Too bad you aren't a bit... younger."

Quotes Edit

  • Tilver: "Is it true that she's... untasted?"
  • Warden: "Untasted?! Just how old is she, you lech?"
  • Tilver: "Wh-What?! Go away!"
  • Restless Guard: "Listen, I'm with you. But stay away from Master Tilver."
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