Till Death Do Us Part is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Alma in the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer is praying for her lost husband's return. Talk to her to begin the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon talking with Alma, you find out that she is looking for her lost husband. The first clue to his whereabouts is that he used to frequent the Crown and Lion, so head there. On entering, you will see a shelf on the right where there is a note fragment from Alma's husband. This note suggests that you should look for him in the battlements.

Head to the main gate and climb to the southeastern battlements (the door next to Constable Aidan). At the end of this walkway, you will find another note fragment. The note suggests that Alma's husband wanted to restore an old house on the outskirts of the city.

The house is unmarked, so head toward the south World map exit. The house is on the east side right before the exit. Upon entering the house, you find that Alma's husband has hanged himself. His body has a third note fragment that reveals that he killed himself because he thought he was unworthy of Alma. Return to the chantry to tell Alma the news and complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 XP
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