Thumbs Up is Isabela's friendship talent from her unique Swashbuckler specialization in Dragon Age II. Like Sebastian's Man Of The Cloth, its bonuses only apply when Isabela is in Hawke's active party.


  • Attack speed: +5% for Isabela
  • Attack speed: +5% for Hawke


  • This bonus can cause Hawke's combat animations to gradually slow down to game-breaking levels. See this thread for details. This bug has been fixed in patch 1.02, but it does not retroactively undo any attack speed slowdown that is currently affecting Hawke.
  • To return Hawke's animation speed to normal, install this mod.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360pcIcon pcWhen Isabela leaves your party during To Catch a Thief, or if you give her to the Arishok at the end of Demands of the Qun, Thumbs Up will remain active for Hawke.
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