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Thren is a city elf from Halamshiral and a friend of Lemet. He works as a tanner.[1]

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

Thren is a good friend of Lemet, and Lemet's murder at the hands of human nobility shocks him into violent action in Halamshiral.

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Thren and Lemet come home late through the slums of Halamshiral, speaking of the past of the Dales. When the carriage of the Orlesian nobleman Lord Mainserai passes by, an elven boy throws a rock at it in anger over the death of his mother. Thren watches in horror as Lemet runs to get the child to safety, only to be murdered and mutilated by Mainserai's guardsmen in the child's place.[2] This serves as a catalyst to Thren and other residents of the slums to act and to indulge a desire for revenge.

Thren is shocked and outraged by his friend's death, and later joins the thieves' guild in Halamshiral in order to exact vengeance and to help provide for his brethren in the slums. Thren's work as a tanner becomes a boon to the rebellion, as elves are not allowed to carry knives longer than the palm of their hand, but with Thren's access to leather the elves can fashion slings and boiled leather armor with which to fight.[3] With other city elves, he helps to foment a call for mien'harel--justice, or rebellion, depending on the interpretation--and fights for the slums, for food and for the death of Lord Mainserai and the human guards who fight the rebels.[4]

Thren becomes increasingly skilled as a rebel and functions as something of a war leader amongst the elves of the thieves' guild, guiding them on raids on markets in the wealthy human portion of the city to obtain materials for weaponry and food to deliver to the slums. During the course of the rebellion, at Empress Celene's behest, Briala arrives with her hahren Felassan in order to make a swift end to the uprising by killing the human lord as justice for the elves and thus calming the human nobles of the city before Celene must step in to end the revolt. However, due to the machinations of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons, Celene is en route to the city to take the situation in hand as Briala and Thren attempt to make their move against Mainserai. When Briala reveals to Thren that the result of the rebellion will be the death of a few elves and a few homes burned, if the city elves are lucky, he is enraged. He is also embittered that Felassan and the Dalish refuse to help the city elves retake the city for the elven people.

The assassination is successful, though Thren seethes that Briala kills the human lord without telling the man that he is dying for his affronts to the elves. Briala earns a small measure of Thren's respect for her work as a spy and assassin.

Thren himself is killed after he, Briala and Felassan leave the manor of Lord Mainserai to find that Empress Celene has indeed taken action to crush the rebellion by burning the slums and slaughtering the elves. Thren resists Ser Michel de Chevin's attempt to arrest himself and Briala, and is cut down by crossbow bolts after decrying her as a traitor for surrendering to Celene's men.[5]

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