Threads of the Eastern Seas is Isabela's companion armor in Dragon Age II. Its armor rating is level-dependent.

Acquisition Edit

Isabela will have Threads of the Eastern Seas, Backstabber, and Heartbreaker equipped when joining the party during the Act 1 quest Fools Rush In.

Romance Edit

If Isabela is romanced, she will update her outfit with a black corset, golden embroidery to the bottom hem of her sash, a red scarf around her right bicep, and replace the leather pauldron on her left shoulder with a metal one. (See gallery.)

Upgrades Edit

Heavy armor green DA2 Lambswool Insoles (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Rigid Boning (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Supportive Corselet (Act 2)
Heavy armor green DA2 Boiled Leather Plates (Act 3)

Gallery Edit

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