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“This isn't how it should be. Templars protect mages. We should stand together, against demons, not fight amongst ourselves. Before Meredith, things were different.”

Ser Thrask is a templar serving in Kirkwall under Knight-Commander Meredith. A moderate templar, he is strangely understanding of mages and one of the few skeptical of Meredith's actions. He is also an occasional drinking buddy of Varric Tethras.[1]


Thrask was born into a family of merchants, the youngest of four sons. When Thrask was a baby, his pious father pledged him to the Chantry. From an early age Thrask was beloved by the mothers and sisters of the Chantry for his calm and respectful nature, and at the age of twelve Revered Mother Margitte recommended him to the Templars, and he began his training with them.

Although Thrask was not the strongest or most skilled of the Templar recruits, he more than made up for his shortcomings with his dedication to his work, and compassion for his wards.

When it looked like Thrask had a bright future ahead of him in the Order, the ruthless Meredith Stannard took control of the order in Kirkwall. Thrask's empathy and concern for his charges did not align with Meredith's idea of what the Templars should be and he began to languish in the ranks. Despite his stagnating position in the order, Thrask kept to his principles regarding mages, as he preferred a clean conscience over advancement in the ranks.

When Thrask was in his early twenties he became a frequent customer of The Blooming Rose brothel in Hightown. There he met a young prostitute named Ambra, and quickly became enamored with her. From then on, Thrask made regular visits to The Blooming Rose to spend time with Ambra. Despite using protection however, she eventually became pregnant with his child.

Ambra was advised by Madame Lusine (the establishment's proprietress) to pass her unborn baby as the child of a wealthy customer, but Ambra refused to lie and in time gave birth to a baby girl she named Olivia.

When Olivia was nine, she discovered that she was a mage. Once Thrask discovered his daughter's abilities, he refused to subject her to the harsh conditions of the Kirkwall Circle of Magi, and instructed her mother to hide her. Thrask understood the risk to himself if he was caught hiding a mage child from the Templars but his commitment to protecting his daughter overshadowed his fear of punishment.

Thrask only saw his daughter sporadically as she grew up, but she loved him unconditionally for taking such risks to keep her safe. When Olivia reached adulthood she began to worry about her father's safety, and decided to escape Kirkwall to remove the danger to his life if she was ever discovered.[2]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Hawke first meets Thrask in the elven alienage, talking to Arianni about her apostate son, Feynriel. During the Wayward Son quest, Arianni admits to contacting Thrask when she feared Feynriel was at risk from demons, as Thrask is known to be more sympathetic to mages. Hawke can ask to help Thrask, who agrees for the boy's sake. If Feynriel flees to the Dalish, Thrask will remark it is an interesting solution and consider the matter settled for now.

Hawke eventually raids a warehouse in time to see a kidnapped mage, Olivia, become an abomination. The mage has a letter on her revealing her to be Thrask's daughter. Hawke can give this to Thrask with their sympathy or blackmail him for money.

Hawke later receives an anonymous letter, later revealed to be from Thrask. In Act of Mercy, he requests Hawke enter a cave near the Wounded Coast and convince the Starkhaven apostates within to surrender peacefully before his more violent comrades led by Ser Karras reach them. After killing the apostate's insane leader, Decimus, Grace asks Hawke to kill Thrask so the apostates can escape. However once Hawke leaves the cave, they find Thrask's fellow templars have already arrived. If Ser Karras is convinced the mages are dead or have fled, Thrask will leave with him, pretending to pursue the remaining mages. Alternatively if Hawke hands the escaped mages to the Templars, where Thrask will make pledge to ensure they make it to the Gallows unharmed.

If Ser Karras is not persuaded, he and his troops will attack both Hawke's party and Thrask. They are killed in the confrontation. Thrask, crushed at having killed his fellow Templars, allows Grace to go and returns to the Gallows with Alain. Three years later, if not handed over, the Starkhaven apostates have been recaptured anyway. Thrask mentions that he is the only Templar whom Grace tolerates near her people.

Three years later, in 9:37 Dragon, Thrask becomes the leader of a slowly growing conspiracy against Meredith consisting of both mages and templars, who mutually believe that Knight-Commander Meredith has grown too unstable. In Best Served Cold, when Hawke investigates this group on behalf of either Meredith or First Enchanter Orsino, the group mistakenly becomes convinced Hawke is working against them. If they are still alive, Hawke's sibling is kidnapped by the group (if not, a lover or friend of Hawke is taken instead). Hawke and Thrask eventually meet again on the Wounded Coast, where Thrask assures them they seek only to end Meredith's cruelty and that they will not harm the hostage. Grace, however, betrays Thrask and demands Hawke be killed for the murder of Decimus. Thrask attempts to calm matters before the situation turns violent, however Grace murders him using Blood magic and incites the conspirators to kill Hawke.


Act 1

Wayward Son Wayward Son
An Errant Letter An Errant Letter
Act of Mercy Act of Mercy

Act 3

Best Served Cold Best Served Cold


  • "They always think of us as the enemy, but it is the mages themselves who are protected most by the Circle and its rituals."


  • In the beginning of Act 2, Thrask can be seen inside the Blooming Rose.


  • After defeating the templars during the quest Act of Mercy, Ser Thrask can potentially disappear preventing the quest from being completed.