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Thorval's Luck is a maul in Dragon Age: Origins.

Codex entry[]

Ser Thorval of Rainesfere was the sixth son of a sixth son, a child of ill-fortune. Although peerless among the knights of Rainesfere and undefeated in the tourneys of Redcliffe and West Hills, Ser Thorval was plagued by loss, for every blade he took into battle broke. Every shield cracked. One day as he rode to a tournament in Denerim, Thorval's horse threw a shoe, pitching the knight head-first into a hollow tree stump. When he came to, he found his nose inches from the heavy steel head of an enormous war hammer. Since his sword, naturally, had shattered in the fall, Thorval took the hammer as a replacement.

From Codex entry: Thorval's Luck


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]


  • There is a serious bug that effectively renders the +X% to healing effects received modifier on this weapon totally useless. See +X Healing Received Bug for details.
  • Despite the description, the weapon is quite plain in appearance.