Thom Rainier's Fate is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Costs 1 Power to complete.

Acquisition Edit

Available during Blackwall's companion quest Revelations after speaking with Cullen in Val Royeaux about deciding Thom Rainier's fate. The Inquisitor must select the "I can't decide this yet" or "Get him out" dialogue option.

Operation text Edit

If you think it worthwhile, we can have Thom Rainier, previously known to us as 'Blackwall,' released from the Val Royeaux prison in which he awaits justice. Keep in mind, Inquisitor, that he is wanted in Orlais for the massacre which claimed the lives of Lord Vincent Callier, general and staunch ally of Celene, and all of Callier's family. I leave this in your hands.


Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Connections - 1 Power Edit

I can request a special dispensation from the Orlesian throne, allowing Thom Rainier to be transferred to Inquisition custody. This may anger some, but after Halamshiral, they owe us a favor.

Secrets - 1 Power Edit

Two problems, one solution. There was a traitor to our cause, a man similar in build and appearance to Rainier. We bind and gag him, and have him take Rainier's place. He is condemned instead, and the world believes Rainier has paid the price.

Forces - 1 Power Edit

We can storm the prison with a small force and take Rainier into our custody. Val Royeaux's prison guards will oppose us; we should be prepared for casualties.

Results Edit

Connections Edit

The dispensation came, few questions asked. What passed in Halamshiral is fresh in their minds. Rainier awaits your judgment.


Secrets Edit

Our chosen replacement was sentenced in Thom Rainier's stead. So far as the world knows, Rainier met his death at dawn. My agents will maintain the deception, silencing all rumors. The real Rainier is in our custody.


Forces Edit

Our soldiers demanded that Val Royeaux's guards lay down their arms. Few did. Blood was shed. I hope this man was worth the price. He awaits your judgment.


Rewards Edit

All advisors

Notes Edit

  • This operation is mutually exclusive with Rainier's Release: An Alternative which provides a fourth option with regards to his release.
  • The way in which you release Thom Rainier from prison - through Rainier's Release: An Alternative or Thom Rainier's Fate - will affect the dialogue during the judgment.
    • If you use Josephine, Rainier will call the Inquisition corrupt, and remark on how the Inquisitor may be undoing all Josephine's hard work.
    • If you use Leliana, Rainier will remark how yet another man has died in his stead.
    • If you use Cullen, Rainier is disgusted with the killing of men doing only their duty.
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