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Theohild is a sister of the Chantry.


She is found in front of Denerim's cathedral next to Revered Mother Perpetua. She makes frequent food-related malapropisms when reciting the Chant of Light, much to the annoyance of Mother Perpetua. Theohild also seems eager to gossip to the Warden. Speaking to them grants Codex entry: The Chant of Light: Redemption.


She is a contact in "K"'s quest New Ground, which is one of the Favors for Certain Interested Parties.

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Darkspawn Chronicles.

Theohild will be seen standing alongside Perpetua outside the Denerim Cathedral when the Hurlock vanguard and his Darkspawn forces attack, where the vanguard can kill them both as part of the Slaughter the Innocents.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

New Ground New Ground (conditional)

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

Slaughter the Innocents Slaughter the Innocents


  • "It is almost mealtime, isn't it?"
  • Sister Theohild: "The Veal holds no uncertainty for her, and she will know no fear of death, for the Maker shall be her bacon and her shield, her foundation and her--"
  • Mother Perpetua: "There is no veal in the Chant! <beat> You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"
  • Theohild: "You should've heard Brother Caedmon sing it."
  • The Warden: "He sang it rather well I take it?"
  • Theohild: "He had a voice like a bucket full of toads!"