The Wraith's Vengeance is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Background Edit

While exploring the Deep Roads underneath Vigil's Keep, the Warden-Commander eventually reaches a room titled Forbidden Chamber, where an imprisoned shade appears - The Dark Theurge. Defeat the shade and its summoned skeletons.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is activated when the Strange Apparatus is touched and the wraith is released from the chamber.

Note: This side quest is integrated into It Comes From Beneath quest, since freeing The Dark Theurge will open up the passage into the Dwarven Outpost, eventually leading to the Great Barrier Doors.

Walkthrough Edit

After the wraith escapes, continue down the path, past the Dwarven Outpost, and battle the ogre commander and other darkspawn found there. The slain ogre will then be possessed by the shade and rise as possessed ogre commander. Defeat it again.

Once the Warden-Commander returns to the keep (after sealing the entrance to the Deep Roads), enter the basement again and find the Avvar Crypt. Defeat the skeletons (if you didn't do so previously). The deeper crypt is locked by four separate locks; three of the keys you should have picked up in the Deep Roads, while one is in a sarcophagus in the Avvar Crypt.

Plt ico key Key of Korth - in an urn near the Shrine of Korth in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key of Haakon - under a locked trapdoor in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key of the Lady - in a locked chest at the Dwarven Outpost in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key of Kiveal - in a sarcorphagus in the Avvar Crypt

Insert each key into the correct lock to unlock the Avvar Deep Crypt. When the door opens, the Dark Theurge slips through and possesses three Avvar Lords. Proceed through the final door and battle the three Avvar Lords. Each one has a different fighting style; the first fights with two-handed weapons, the second uses dual weapons, and the third uses a weapon and a shield. When they are all defeated, the Dark Theurge is destroyed and the quest is completed.

Examine the Avvar statues at the far end of the room to obtain codex entries on the Avvars (see Codex entry: The Great Strife).

Note: The bear summoned by a ranger can become stuck in the doorway when proceeding down to the fight. Summoning it at the bottom of the steps, before approaching the middle of the room will allow it to participate in the fight.

Rewards Edit

  • 1500 XP - when this quest is activated by releasing The Dark Theurge
  • 250 XP - when the wraith possessed the dead ogre commander
Ico axe Daisycutter - found in one of the Avvar Sarcophagi
Ico armor heavy Venture - found in one of the Avvar Sarcophagi
Ico boots light Wolf Treads - found in one of the Avvar Sarcophagi
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Master Lyrium Potion Recipe - found in one of the Avvar Sarcophagi (see Golem's Might)
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Superb Stamina Draught Recipe - found in one of the Avvar Sarcophagi

Possible random loot Edit

It is possible to receive only 8+ DAO goldpiece trans from the boss ranked lord (and sometimes nothing at all) and 1+ DAO goldpiece trans from each lieutenant. Draughts, poultices, balms, elixir and salves can be dropped in various combinations of two (poultice and balm, draught and poultice, etc.) in addition to one of the other random items (except gold). Turning the difficulty up for the fight (Hard or Nightmare) will produce the higher quality items with fewer reloads.

Ico armor massive Dwarven Massive Armor
Ico gloves massive Dwarven Massive Armored Gloves
Ico boots massive Boots of the Sentinel
Ico helm massive Duty
Ico greatsword Ser Alvard's Sword
Potent stamina draught Potent Stamina Draught
Greater stamina draught Greater Stamina Draught
Ico potent healing salve Potent Health Poultice
Ico greater healing salve Greater Health Poultice
Ico greater warmth balm Greater Warmth Balm
Ico greater spirit balm Greater Spirit Balm
Ico greater elix grnding Greater Elixir of Grounding
Ico greater ice salve Greater Ice Salve
Ico greater nature salve Greater Nature Salve
Ico swift salve Swift Salve

Notes Edit

The crypt door is first seen when the Warden-Commander conducts the first portion of It Comes From Beneath, while making their way down to the collapsed tunnel. The crypt's lock can be picked if a rogue's lockpicking skill is high enough. Otherwise, use the Key to the Crypt found on a darkspawn corpse just before the Great Barrier Doors. A sack in the crypt contains the Howe Bow (gift), a gift for Nathaniel.

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