You are thinking you know of our kind, human? It is understandable. But that will soon be changed.

The Withered is a Disciple, an intelligent darkspawn, who is aligned with the Architect. He led an assault on Vigil's Keep, one that weakened the keep for some time.

Background Edit

It led the organized darkspawn attack on Vigil's Keep at the start of the Awakening. It is first mentioned by Rowland when the Warden-Commander sees him wounded, saying that he encountered a "talking darkspawn" that infused something in his blood with powerful magic, probably the taint. It is seen in the roof of Vigil's Keep dealing with the keep's seneschal after it kicks a soldier off the edge.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Withered is the first Disciple and boss that the Warden-Commander encounters. When the Warden reaches the top of Vigil's Keep, the Withered kicks a Keep soldier off the edge to a grisly death. It then proceeds to try and break Varel when the Warden-Commander arrives. The Withered speaks to the Warden almost as a normal person (much to the surprise of Anders), but toward the end of the conversation it reveals its true motive: to capture the Warden-Commander and destroy Vigil's Keep. It is subsequently defeated by the Warden-Commander. Its body cannot be looted, due to the cutscenes that immediately follow.

It is later claimed that The Withered was sent as an emissary from The Architect to form an alliance with the Grey Wardens. It suggests that The Withered's violence was an act of self-defense, as humans have the tendency to attack darkspawn on sight, and that the Wardens of Vigil's Keep attacked him on sight. This doesn't explain why The Withered travelled with a small army of darkspawn to Vigil's Keep or why the survivor tells The Warden that a sneak attack was launched against the Wardens. The Withered is killed when it confronts the Warden-Commander.

Abilities Edit

Talent wns assault Assault
Talent carapace icon Carapace
Talent wns overpower Overpower
Talent-Rally icon Rally
Talent wns shieldbash Shield Bash
Talent-WarCry icon War Cry

Quotes Edit

  • "It has ended, just as he foretold."
  • "Be taking this one, gently. We are wishing no more death than is necessary."

Trivia Edit

The first cutscene of The Withered is an evident nod to "Baldur's Gate"; the cutscene where he throws a soldier over the roof is similar to the starting video of Baldur's Gate.

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