In matters like this, I look to Genitivi's writings first. Not that he is any bloody use, but he's reliably an indicator of the worst possible thing to do.

The Well-Read Pig-Farmer is from Tevinter and has apparently married well for a pig-farmer. She implies that she was formerly part of the Magisterium. She may be called upon to offer advice to the Marquis of Serault.

Description Edit

"Na via lerno victoria, as they say in Tevinter. Of course there haven't been many victories lately, but if you read Issiker's account of the Valarian Engagements, there are some really intricate strategies - sorry, did you want to buy a pig?" She married well for a pig-farmer. She gets around. Her accent is Tevinter. What an interesting woman.

Available actions Edit


Send a messenger to ask her opinion on the matters before you
Someone discreet.
Difficulty: Cunning*6/5
Success: +8 Clues
Failure: +8 Clues, -10 Dignity


Engage in a vigorous debate of letters
Nothing hones the muscles like swordplay. Nothing sharpens the mind like argument.
-(Scholarship) in Clues, +3 Scholarship


Play a game of Archon with the Well-Read Pig-Farmer
She admires wit even more than erudition, especially in a ruler. But a marquis, visiting a pig-farmer? It'll do your reputation no good at court.
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: -20 Dignity, -2 Authority, +1 Favor
Failure: -20 Dignity, -2 Authority, +1 Favor


Employ the Pig-Farmer as your secret advisor
No one can know.
-2 Favor, Pig-farmer becomes Accomplice with +20 Scholarship


Listen to her tales of Tevinter
(Requires The Well-Read Pig-Farmer as Accomplice)
She speaks of the grim facades of Minrathous' palaces, and the sorcerous intrigues that worm behind them...
-1 Favor, +(7 to 14) Dignity, +(1 to 2) Authority, +(1 to 10) Clue, +1 Rulership, -(21 to 27) Twilight

Bugs Edit

  • There is no difference between success or failure when trying to gain a favor.
  • If the Well-Read Pig-Farmer becomes the Marquis' accomplice and is then replaced by the Purveyor of Teas, her icon will remain in the accomplice list but the game will normally consider only the Purveyor of Teas as the current accomplice.
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