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This is a list of dialogue used in combat and exploration for the Violent voice set for the Warden.

Battle commencement


  • "I see enemies ahead!"
  • "Something is coming..."
  • "We're going to be attacked!"

Encountering beasts

  • "Foolish creature, it should know better than to attack!"
  • "Hmmm, a beast. Let's maul it!"
  • "I am prey for no creature."
  • "Oh, this is a nasty one."
  • "Bet you I can kill it in two blows."

Encountering darkspawn

  • "Darkspawn! Kill them all!"
  • "No end to these blasted things!"
  • "Twisted creatures."

Encountering dragons

  • "A dragon, a worthy opponent!"
  • "Now that's a big lizard... Kill it!"
  • "How sad. All that muscle and it still has no chance." (chuckles)

Encountering undead or demons

  • "Hmph! Why can't the dead stay in the ground where they belong?"
  • "Lifeless bastards."
  • "Looks like something wants to die again."

In battle


  • "Breaking a sweat already? Hah!"
  • "Die already!"
  • "Have at ya!"
  • "How sad--all that muscle and it still has no chance!"
  • "I love how desperate you are--you're pathetic!"
  • "It's a good day to die!"
  • "It's a massacre, and no one's getting out alive!"
  • "Just call me "the Reaper"!" (laughs)
  • "Let's see some blood!"
  • "Let's see what you're made of!"
  • "I'm sorry. Am I too quick for you?"
  • "On your guard, wretch!"
  • "Push them back!"
  • "Run while you still can!"
  • "Show them no mercy!"
  • "Someone's gonna fall, and it sure won't be me!"
  • "Strike at me if you dare!"
  • "That's right, come on!"
  • "Want to run already?"
  • "Watch in horror as I rip you apart!"
  • "You have no skill, only desperation!"
  • "You'll get no mercy from me!"
  • "You're gonna regret this!"
  • "You're hopeless!"
  • "You're in a little over your head!"

Manual selection

  • "Can I get you a ladder? So you can get off my back?"
  • "Direct me."
  • "I'm here."
  • "Is it time to kill something?"
  • "Ready!"
  • "They won't know what hit them."
  • "What is your command?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "Point me at it."

Unsuccessful attack

  • "This isn't working--need something else!"

Successful kill

  • "Excellent!"
  • "Splendid!"
  • "More blood! Where's the next one?"
  • "That'll teach you!"

Fallen ally

  • "Ugh, useless! Do I have to do everything myself?"

Battle condition

  • "I need healing!" (low health)
  • "I'm wounded--do something about it!" (low health)
  • "I'm taking you with me." (very low health)
  • "It's not over...! It can't be!" (very low health)
  • "What are you waiting for? Heal me!" (very low health)
  • "You will never have me!" (very low health)
  • "My strength is failing." (very low stamina)
  • "I'm beat!" (very low stamina)
  • "I'm wearing down!" (very low stamina)



  • "Alright, alright!"
  • "At your service."
  • "Got it."
  • "I'll get on it."
  • "Now's better than later."
  • "Of course."
  • "What can I do?"
  • "You need something?"
  • "Don't be foolish."

Activating/deactivating mode

  • "Isn't there something better we could be doing? Killing things, perhaps?"

Activating stealth

  • "A little backstabbing never hurt anyone"
  • "And thus I cloak my naked villainy."
  • "They'll never see me coming."

Detecting traps

  • "I see a trap!"

Successful lockpicking

  • "Done. Anything else?"
  • "Done now. Are you happy?"
  • "Finished. Now what do you want?"
  • "It is done."
  • "That about wraps it up."

Unsuccessful lockpicking

  • "I can't do that."