This is a list of dialogue used in combat and exploration for the Cocky voice set for the Warden.

Note: For unknown reasons, this voice set is not available for female humans, though the voice samples may be found in the game's files.

Battle commencement Edit

Any Edit

  • "Hah! Let's wipe them out quickly!"
  • "Now let's see--which one first?"
  • "Time for more practice!"

Encountering beasts Edit

  • "Aw. I was hoping for something more exciting."
  • "Bad breath alert!"
  • "First one to kill it gets the prize!"
  • "Might be a nice pelt in it for us!"
  • "Now this should be fun!"
  • "Now what is that?"

Encountering darkspawn Edit

  • *singsong* "I sense some darkspawn...!"
  • "Never any shortage of these ones."
  • *sighs* "More darkspawn, eh?"

Encountering dragons Edit

  • "Finally--something that can swallow me whole!"
  • "Hah! Don't let it get away!"
  • "Now this is a challenge!"

Encountering undead or demons Edit

  • "Huh. One never expects creatures like those, really."
  • "More of these! Well, all right then."
  • "Why does the unnatural always smell so awful?"

In battle Edit

Any Edit

  • "All right--that's it!"
  • "All right, I'm game!"
  • "Are you joking? Surely you're joking!"
  • "Aww, you want to die?"
  • "Behind you!"
  • "Come and get it!"
  • "Have at you then!" *snarls*
  • "How amusing!"
  • "If you insist!"
  • "Let's do this quickly, shall we?"
  • "Look over there!"
  • "Nice try!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Not enough!"
  • "Now this should be fun!"
  • "Oh? Time to play?"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry!"
  • "Oh, look! It wants to fight!"
  • "Oh, you'll have to do so much better than that!"
  • "Oho!"
  • "Take that!"
  • "That won't stop me!"
  • "That's it!"
  • "Too fast for you!"
  • "Tsk, tsk!"
  • "Whoops!"

Manual selection Edit

  • "Hah ha!"
  • "Here I am!"
  • "Point me!"
  • "Saving the day!"
  • "Where do I go?"
  • "Yes."

Unsuccessful attack Edit

  • "Hmm. New weapon."

Successful kill Edit

  • "Another point for me!"
  • "Aww, it fell down."
  • "Hah ha ha! Yes!"
  • "Hurrah!"
  • "Not bad! Not bad at all!"
  • "Too bad for you!"
  • "Was there any doubt?"

Battle condition Edit

Low health

  • "Anyone got some blood to spare...?"
  • "Is that all my blood? I think it is..."
  • "Someone tell them to stop hitting me!"
  • "This is not fair! Why is it always me that has to bleed?"

Very low health

  • "Ooh... spinning...!"

Low mana/stamina

  • "Anyone got a spare second wind? No...?"
  • "Need a little rest here!"
  • "Okay--this is getting exhausting."

Upon revival

  • "All right. Anymore of them around? ...No? Good."
  • "Did I fall asleep during the combat? I must have..."
  • "It seems I managed to best them even while unconscious. I am that amazing."

Exploration Edit

Any Edit

  • "All right."
  • "And I'm off."
  • "Going."
  • "Hmm."
  • "Yes."

Activating/Deactivating mode Edit

  • "Adventure's not over yet?"
  • "Ah, this reminds me of that time..."
  • "Let's get on with it, then."
  • "Perhaps we should have a drink, since we've stopped."
  • "We're on our way."
  • "Where's the tavern?"
  • "Yes, I'm still here."
  • "You'd think we wouldn't just be standing here, but nooo..."

Activating stealth Edit

  • "Quiet now!"
  • "To the shadows with me!"

Detecting traps Edit

  • "Don't look now...!"
  • "Trap. So simple to see, really."

Successful lock-picking Edit

  • "And done."
  • "It's done. Naturally."
  • "Don't think so."
  • "Moving on."
  • "Over with."
  • "Success!"

Unsuccessful lock-picking Edit

  • "Are you daft?"
  • "Damn."
  • "Don't think so."
  • "Not happening."

Area-specific Edit

Encountering lyrium veins (if Warden is a dwarf)

  • "Damn! Lost the spell..."
  • "Oops! Where's my head?"
  • "Right, casting! Focus...!"

Encountering the Tears in the Veil in the Blackmarsh

  • "No, no. Let's not, and say we did."


  • This voice set is not available for female humans. It is however, available for males of any race, and all elves and dwarves of both genders.
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