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Though the Warden does not normally have voiced speech in dialogue, during character creation you can select from 6 voicesets that are used in combat and exploration. While the actual voice actor differs by race & gender, the lines are generally the same.

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Voice cast[]

Warden Voices
Male Female
Human Elf Dwarf Human Elf Dwarf
Wise Mark Hildreth Wise Michael Gough Wise Fred Tatasciore Wise Hellena Taylor Wise April Stewart Wise Kim Mai Guest
Cocky Ken Lally Cocky Dwight Schultz Cocky Peter Jessop Cocky Fay Masterson Cocky Corri English Cocky Courtenay Taylor
Experienced Robin Sachs Experienced Mark Meer Experienced Keith Ferguson Experienced Colette Whitaker Experienced April Banigan Experienced Seana Kofoed
Mystical Gideon Emery Mystical Keith Ferguson Smart Keith Szarabajka Mystical Erica Luttrell Mystical Kathryn Cressida Smart Shannon Blanchet
Suave Desmond Askew Suave Jesse Gervais Suave Zach Hanks Sultry Kath Soucie Sultry Kath Soucie Sultry Wendy Braun
Violent Timothy Watson Violent Yuri Lowenthal Violent John Rubinow Violent Mika Simmons Violent Cree Summer Violent Julianne Buescher


  • The "Cocky" voice set is not available for female humans. It is however, available for males of any race, and all elves and dwarves of both genders.