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The Verchiel March is a companion quest for Sera in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Sera says there's trouble in Verchiel. She's asked for an Inquisition presence—a few troops to march through town—to spook the nobles pushing around her people there.


After Skyhold receives its first set of repairs, talk to Sera at her new location, on the second floor of the tavern.


Sera got a tip (not from a Jenny) that a land squabble between some nobles in Verchiel is getting little people beat up. So she wants the Inquisition to march through town to spook the nobles, which could get them to deal with each other in a way that keeps the normal people from being stuck in the middle.

Agree to look into it and the operation A Battalion for Sera and Verchiel will become available at the war table. Once the operation completes, return to Sera and she'll say it's time to collect the reward. Sera will be a locked party member.

The party arrives in an isolated section of the East Side Hills region of Crestwood. After some dialogue (no approval changes), the party is forced into battle with a small group of mercenaries. The quest technically completes at this point.

After dispatching the mercenaries, a voice calls out saying he wants to talk things through. Speak to the noble and he identifies himself as Lord Pel Harmond. The Inquisitor learns that Harmond was only trying to draw out the Red Jennies, and has no desire to become an enemy of the Inquisition. He eventually offers a partnership:

Harmond: If you are willing to recognize an opportunity, we could be exceptional partners.
  • [Investigate.] - no approval changes for asking any of the four questions
  • (Nobility Knowledge) You'll serve the Inquisition. (scene ends) - DAIApproval.png Sera Approves
  • Just kill him, Sera. (Sera attacks) - DAIApproval.png Sera Approves
  • I'd like to partner with you. (scene ends) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
  • Just get out of my sight. (scene ends)

The Inquisitor can investigate through dialogue before making a choice. After asking a question, Sera will tell the Inquisitor to stop talking to him. The Inquisitor can ask Harmond two questions safely, but after asking three of the four possible questions, Sera will lose her patience and attack Harmond on her own. If she attacks him, whether ordered to or not:

Sera: What?!
  • (Mad) I wasn't done with him! (if Inquisitor asked too many questions) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
No approval changes for remaining options

The scene moves back to Skyhold. The dialogue exchanged will vary greatly depending on how the quest has played out to this point, but the dialogue choices follow a precise structure.

Part 1
Sera: one of five possible opening lines
  • This was your fault, too. (go to Part 2) - DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Disapproves
  • Don't question me!/No more mistakes, understand? (go to Part 5) - DAIApproval.png Sera Greatly Disapproves
  • You're right./Unpredictable but worth it. (go to Part 4) - DAIApproval.png Sera Greatly Approves
Part 2
Sera: You're sure as piss not putting me next to him.
  • You put your people in danger. (go to Part 3) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
  • Your plan provoked him. (go to Part 3) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
  • Never mind, I'm dropping it. (go to Part 4) - DAIApproval.png Sera Greatly Approves
Part 3
Sera: You'd rather do nothing than try to make this better?
  • You don't help anyone! (go to Part 5) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
  • It's about the greater good. (go to Part 5) - DAIApproval.png Sera Disapproves
  • Never mind, I'm dropping it. (go to Part 4) - DAIApproval.png Sera Greatly Approves
Part 4 (ends scene)
Right, what do you mean, because I am really not used to that... acceptance thing you're doing right there.
  • (Romance) It's simple. I like you. - DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Approves (DAIApproval.png Sera Approves for qunari and dwarf)
  • I want us to be friends. - DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Approves
  • It's business. I need allies.
Part 5 (ends scene)
Sera: line varies depending on total amount of approval/disapproval with her
  • Get out. (Sera leaves the Inquisition forever)
  • Watch yourself. (Sera stays with the Inquisition)


  • Sera will stay with, or leave, the Inquisition through dialogue choices.


  • 1025 XP, 400 Influence, Power: +3


  • To avoid confusion, it should be noted that neither entering into a deal, nor telling Harmond he'll serve the Inquisition, has any practical effect on the game, other than dialogue during the following cutscene. He cannot be recruited as an agent.


  • The encounter appears to be in Crestwood rather than Orlais as described. Evidence of this is:
    • Completing the quest will earn a location in Crestwood discovered if none have been discovered previously and even if the region hasn't yet been unlocked on the war table.
    • If Here Lies the Abyss is active, it will show as the large, double-headed quest marker on the radar and the general landscape design is the same as in parts of Crestwood.
    • When saving a game at the ambush site, the auto-named file will be "Save - Crestwood - XXX:XX:XX."