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NPC-Messenger Boy

Messenger Boy

The Trial of Crows is a quest received from Master Ignacio and performed on behalf of the Antivan Crows.


The Antivan Crows are seeking to parlay a new enemy into a new friend.


This quest is only available after first encountering Zevran whether you choose to recruit him or not. To acquire this quest, The Warden must speak with the Messenger Boy, who is located just past the Chantry and in front of The Mages' Collective bag in the Denerim Market District. Alternatively, if, after speaking with Master Ignacio, you attempt to leave the Denerim Market District area the Messenger Boy will catch up with you and give you a message. After speaking with the boy, a quest will be added pointing you to a back-room in the Gnawed Noble Tavern, where you'll meet Master Ignacio. It's possible to refuse working for the Crows, in which case Master Ignacio will leave peacefully and will not be available to give any of the quests or to kill Master Ignacio who has mercenaries concealed about the room.

Or view the poster located on the wall near Elven Alienage gate first. Then as you go to leave the area the Messenger Boy, catches you and tells you to go the the Gnawed Noble Tavern.

  • Note that in accepting Master Ignacio's quest, you will lose -1 approval from Wynne.

The First Test

The player is asked to kill a man called Paedan in The Pearl, Denerim's brothel. The player will first, however, have to find a Grey Warden poster, since that is the only way to collect the password needed. A poster can be found near the Alienage entrance, in the Markets. In the Pearl, it is revealed that Paedan is actually trying to kill all Grey Warden loyalists, and attacks the Warden. After killing his band, the Warden can return to Ignacio to claim his reward. Note that it is possible to kill Paedan before actually accepting the quest. If this is the case, you can just speak to Ignacio again to claim your reward.

If you've already killed him, you won't receive a reward.

Mercenary Hunt

This part requires you to go to the Kadan-Fe hideout where you will encounter a band of Qunari mercenaries called the Kadan-Fe. Once all these are killed, the Warden may return to Master Ignacio for a reward.

An Audience with the Ambassador

The player is required to kill Ambassador Gainley, who resides in the Ambassador's quarters in Orzammar Royal Palace. The ambassador will attack The Warden on sight, and once he is dead, the Warden may return to Ignacio for his reward.

Depending on game progress thus far, getting to Gainley can be tricky. There are several options to deal with Mr. Gainley:

  • If you've already completed A Paragon of Her Kind and decided on a new King, just go back to the Royal Palace and kill him.
  • If you haven't finished the Orzammar plot line yet, and want to finish the quest now, the quickest way is to side with Bhelen to gain access to the palace quickly. You need to have completed both part of the quest handed by Vartag (in the Assembly) to speak with Bhelen (and thus have access to the Royal Palace to kill Ambassador Gainley).
  • Otherwise, the palace will not be accessible until Lord Harrowmont is King. Unless during the Cartel Incident you decided to go ahead with 'Betrayal from Within' - you may have access to this room for playing double-sides.

The Ransom

See Ransom Drop Location for the map and more details.

Ignacio informs the Warden that Arl Howe has kidnapped a boy, and is willing to give him back to the Crows. The Crows will attempt to kill Howe's men, and need your help. The showdown will take place in the Ransom Drop location, but it appears Howe was expecting the betrayal, and his men have not brought the boy. After killing Howe's men, the Warden may return to Ignacio for a reward, who also mentions that the boy has been taken care of.



Noble Clothing

After the fight with Howe's men, it is possible to loot one of the dead Crows Which can yield "Nobles Clothing". This clothing as of patch 1.01 has a completely 'unique' look when worn on women. Also, it should be warned that while leaving the area towards the Market District, a large squad of soldiers and a guard will (may?) ambush the group. One way to avoid this is the "go to camp" exploit - after opening the Denerim city map to leave the ransom drop location, select the world map and go directly to the party campsite to avoid any immediate Denerim random encounters.

It's worth noting that even though Master Ignacio says that the Crows will no longer accept any new contracts on you, you should still expect to get a non-random encounter in Denerim where one of Zevrans' old buddies (Taliesin) and a group of Crows attack The Warden. This is the end of the contract where Zevran was contracted to kill the Warden, and if Zevran has low enough Approval he may help Taliesin in the attack.


After completion of all assassination quests, Master Ignacio will reward you with a pair of gloves called Red Jenny Seekers. The Warden can then choose to fight Ignacio, but doing so will cause Cesar to leave.

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