The Threat Remains is a main quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Breach is calmed but the trouble is only beginning.


After the Prologue mission, The Wrath of Heaven, is completed the player will awaken in their room in Haven where a young Elven girl bringing medical supplies to the Player will walk in. After apologizing profusely she will explain that Cassandra Pentaghast wanted to be made aware of when the player woke up and will immediately run off.


The first thing that the player will want to do, if they've bought the Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition or Inquisitor's Edition, is go to the left side of the room where they'll find a chest marked 'Special Requisitions' where they'll acquire the Flames of the Inquisition Armor and their preferred choice of weapon. On the desk next to the chest is a note marked 'patient observations' that can be read for a codex and easy XP.

Additionally it will also prove wise to look through the box of supplies that the elf dropped as it contains some healing items. Outside you'll immediately spot a large crowd of people ranging from soldiers to village peasants and even some members of the Chantry will step aside creating a path leading to the Haven Chantry. None of the merchants will be willing to do business and will instead inform the Player that Cassandra wishes to speak with them.

Inside the Chantry Cassandra along with her friend Leliana will be arguing with a grand chancellor of the chantry named Roderick. Apparently Cassandra has been going around telling people that the Player is the herald of Andraste, taking his timely arrival to close The Breach and more importantly the mark on his hand that connects him to it has proof of his status.

The Player can agree to her assessment for slight approval from Cassandra or dismiss it for negative approval, either way Roderick denounces the Player and the new Inquisition that Cassandra has formed on Divine Justinia V's final orders for supporting them. After the cut-scene the player is forced to re-enter the Chantry where Cassandra reintroduces them to Lelianna the Inquisition's spy master, Cullen it's general, and Josephine it's political liaison.

In order to close the breach the player must recruit the help of the Rebel mages, as suggested by Leilianna, to boost the power of the mark or the Templar Order, as suggested by Cullen, to suppress the Breach and cut it down to a more manageable size and then close it. As it is however the Inquisition lacks the ability to enter talks with either group and instead it's suggested that they recruit the aid of Chantry mother Giselle to open talks of an alliance with the chantry.

Giselle is currently in the Hinterlands and is aiding the flood of refugee's there. In order to unlock the Hinterlands the Player must learn War Table mechanics. Select Fereldan, scroll over to the part of the map marked with a fade rift, and choose to send in Lelianna's spies, doing so will cost the player the one point of power that they have though there will be a number of opportunities to acquire more once in the Hinterlands.

The Player will have to clear out a number of Waring rogue Templars and mages in order to get to Giselle. Once four Mages and four Templars have been killed the Player will have to speak with Corporal Vale in order to continue.


  • 40 influence points



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