The Teyrn of Highever is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Operation Text

To whom it concerns:

The Teyrnir of Highever wishes to convey our deepest sympathies on the death of Divine Justinia V. The Most Holy was incomparable in her wisdom and dedication to peace, and we had high hopes that her Conclave would succeed.

We will hold a vigil in Highever in remembrance of Justinia, and cordially invite the Inquisition to attend.


Teyrn Fergus Cousland



Ambassador Montilyet,

The Inquisition emissaries were a welcome addition to our vigil. As a token of my thanks, I am sending Fereldan arms for your troops. May the Maker grant you never need them.


Teyrn Fergus Cousland


Sister Leliana,

Thank you for your kind words. I understand the Inquisition cannot be delayed from the grave task ahead, but it was good to know that you were with us in spirit, honoring our beloved Divine.


Teyrn Fergus Cousland


Commander Cullen,

Your honor guard was a welcome sight at the Divine’s Vigil. As a measure of thanks, I am sending Fereldan arms and equipment for your troops.


Teyrn Fergus Cousland


All advisors: Ferelden Captain Longsword

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