The Tevinter Resistanceis a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Complete A Friend in Qarinus. Influence Level 6.

Operation Text

I received some news from Maevaris. It seems her little "resistance" has drawn support, just as she hoped it would. Thing is, that support comes in the form of idealistic magisters with no real power... while the ones who might see her group as a threat are the true heavy hitters. Reading between the lines, I'd say Maevaris is in more hot water than she lets on. She's crafty, but she could use more help right about now, or the resistance might die on the vine. Up to you, but if you ask me, any enemies of the Venatori should be friends of ours.


Advisor Suggestions


The Inquisition is now a force to be reckoned with, even in Tevinter. Openly declare our support for the resistance. / 3:36:00


Allow me to handle this. Eliminate one of her enemies, and the rest will believe she can strike at them with impunity. They will back off. / 3:36:00


Send some templars north - disguised, of course. Real templars, the sort who can disrupt magic. That should be all the help she needs. / 2:48:00




My agent Tamar reports success: one less despicable Tevinter Magister to worry about. Naturally, the rest of the Magisterium assumes the hand behind the deed was Magister Tilani herself, and she reports they have respectfully backed away from both her and her supporters. She sends her thanks, a box of candied chocolates, and a variety of other useful items. The chocolates are mine, but the rest I pass onto you, Inquisitor.


It seems Dorian was correct: not only do Tevinter templars not possess the ability to disrupt magic, Tevinter magisters are flummoxed when they encounter such abilities. There was an attack on Magister Tilani's estate, but our agent, Ser Belinda Darrow, reports that it was handily beaten back... and is unlikely to return anytime soon. Magister Tilani sends her thanks, as well as some artifacts stripped from the attackers. And a scented handkerchief. Don't ask.


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