The Taken Shape is a stacking set consisting of a unique amulet, belt, ring, and medium armor from the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Each piece of the set can be looted from chests found slightly off the path of the main quest. The chests are located behind Eluvians scattered about the Crossroads. Interacting with the chests will spawn specific enemies, defeating all enemies will unlock the following:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As stated, this set grants a stacking bonus. The individual items in the set have stats of their own that are always granted, even when wearing only one item at a time. However, when wearing two pieces of the set at once, the wearer is granted the base stats as well as +10% Attack Speed. Wearing three pieces of the set together grants the base stats and +10% Attack Speed as well as +10% Movement Speed. Wearing all four items at once grants the base stats, +10% Attack Speed, +10% Movement Speed, and 1% Heal on Hit.
  • Despite being listed as medium armor, the Skin that Stalks armor piece that is looted from the chest in the Ancient Jail has no class restriction.
  • Though the chest containing this armor also grants schematics for the light, medium, and heavy versions of the set, crafting with these schematics will not yield an item that counts as a part of the Taken Shape and therefore will not be included toward the stacking bonuses.
Note: Codices obtained at the time of looting, as well as the descriptions given to the items themselves, imply that the reason for this may be because the set in its entirety was created from one creature. There is a vague implication that this creature could have been a purchased slave.

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